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on Honouring Our Elders: A Tribute to 100 Years of Londolozi LOVE

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So is Judas finally retiring? I shall miss him – he was our tracker the 2nd time we came (with Byron), then the last 4 times with Alfie. Please pass on my very best wishes and thanks to him.

Yes, sdaly it has come time for Judas to hang up the boots. I will certainly pass on your best wishes to him.

Bob and I wish all three of these good men happiness, good health and much love as they start the next chapter of their life journey. And to Jerry Hambana who was our tracker along with ranger Grant Rodewijk, we send our respect and special wishes for long life and prosperity.

May they enjoy their retirement now and know that they are legends in the eyes of all of us here.

What a wonderful tribute to these three exceptional members of the Londolozi family Sean. Whilst they will be truly missed, their legacies will continue to live on through all the staff members and guests who were fortunate enough to experience the meaning of Ubuntu by knowing these men.
Thank you for sharing their stories!

Their legacies will live on through all of us fortunate enough to have crossed paths with them.

Beatiful tribute to these three amazing elders Sean!

Thank you so much, Paul.

Captivating tribute to these men. I’m sure they will be missed.

They will truly be missed.

Question…. my email signature reads …..
“hamba kahle”. Should I be writing
“Famba kahle?

So my understanding is that ‘hamba kahle’ is the Xhosa spelling
‘famba kahle’ is the Xitsonga/Shangaan spelling.

They both mean the same thing though.

Hi Sean, it is always better to learn from someone older and wiser. These three gentlemen have brought about a lot of wisdom and experience for all to see and learn from. Their everyday live experience can be a huge intake for all new Trackers and Rangers alike. Well done all three gentlemen!!!

There is so much knowledge and wisdom to be passed on from the elders within the community and we must take advantage of this wealth while we still can.

Judas, Jerry and Colbert- you will be soooooo missed! Thank you for sharing your life with all of us.

Sean, what wonderful stories about the trackers at Londolozi. Thank you for sharing their stories, it is so good to learn about them personally and then take their wisdom into Londolozi’s soul.

You are most welcome, William. They all have amazing stories and have done so much for Londolozi.

Thanks for sharing such a powerful outlook on the human spirit.

Sean what a great story about these three special men! We feel honored to know them over the years and Terri had the chance to dance with Colbert on her birthday on our last visit! What fun!

They are all such great men and may they now go and enjoy their retirement.

Thank you gentlemen for your contributions to Londolozi and by extension the many of us who have enjoyed the magic of this place from afar and/or in person. May your future be as bright as your time at Londolozi

Selfishly I am saddened by the news. None of my visits were complete without a chat with Jerry (reminiscing about our game drives – particularly 1 week steadfastly searching for the Tatowa Female and her cub) and Colbert (to get the latest updates on all that is Londolozi). Best wishes Jerry and Colbert I will miss you very much.

Three remarkable men retire from Londolozi‘s team; they will certainly be missed by everyone, staff and guests. I wish them many more happy and healthy years and that they can thoroughly enjoy their retirements.

They really will be missed by all those lucky enough to cross paths with them.

How sad! It is hard to believe that Judas, Colbert, and Jerry, three talented and lovely persons will no longer be there on our next stay… Year after year, since June 1995, we enjoyed so much seeing them and sharing with them beautiful moments. If Judas reads this short note, I am sure he will remember the Mungane female flying over his head from a high branch as he was getting ready to track her on foot with Grant Bodley…. Thank you Sean for your highly deserved tribute to these guys. We will miss them a lot. Very best wishes to them.

They were such inspirational men and they have made their mark on so many people. I hope they enjoy their retirement.

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