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on A Trio Of Leopard Cubs For Easter- Virtual Safari #212

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Absolutely enchanting, thank you Sean. A mother’s tail provides so much entertainment!……but you’d think those sharp little teeth would be quite painful for her?

I think that it could be a bit painful but at least it provides endless entertainment without much effort from the mother.

Senior Digital Ranger

Such precious cubs. May they grow big and strong!

Fingers crossed for these little ones.

Sean, Thanks for the special Easter video! Sad that she seems to have lost one of her cubs and hope to see the other two make to maturity!

Fingers crossed, I think the third one is still alive.

Senior Digital Ranger

very nice video! good job!

Thank you so much, Paul.

Happy Easter also to the adorable family! All tell about the hunt excitement, I think there’s no feeling comparable to a vision like this. Such an experience stays in your memory for good. I hope one cub is too shy or maybe weaker to come out but, as you say… is there any info about three leopard cubs that reached adulthood? I never heard of that. Thank you again for this special Easter

Let’s hope the third cub is still alive. Yes the Nyelethi 4:4 Female gave birth to a litter of three where all of them reached independence. The Nyelethi Male, the Nanga female and another young male who was last seen in 2012. An incredible feat to raise all three to independence.

Hi Sean, I am sure you were surprised to hear that Nkoveni had three cubs, when you returned. It is a pity that she now only has two left. BUT that is nature and having that the Ximungwe female also has two cubs. Is there going to be enough territory for all of these tiny bundles of fur. I love the cubs and can spend hours watching them playing with each other and with mom. Well her previous litter was two female cubs that she protected and brought up to adulthood. So there is no reason why she cannot do it again. Beautiful video, thank you Sean.

I was so excited to hear that she has these young cubs. There were only two cubs in this video but I am pretty sure the third is still alive and somewhere. If both the Ximungwe Female and Nkoveni Female can raise their litters there is going to be a lot of competition for territory but I guess that is only going to be in a while.

Sean, thank you for this wonderful video of the Novena female and her cubs. Sad to see that one of the cubs was lost the previous evening but, life for the two remaining cubs will be interesting to observe.

Thanks for watching the video, William. I am sure the third cub is still alive.

Oh Sean, what a wonderful Easter virtual safari – Nkoveni and her two cubs! It’s a shame that one is missing, but we all know that nature often isn’t an easy place to raise young ones. Perhaps with two, she will have an easier time to keep both safe as she did with Xinkhova and Stonedrift. Your footage is fantastic, especially shooting from low angles, as one really gets a sense of following Nkoveni on the road, then into the bush. Her two little ones, possibly females again?, are quite energetic and a joy to watch playing with each other as well as their mother. I can add this to my top five so far this year. Thanks so much and I hope you enjoyed a special easter holiday with your family!

Thanks so much, Denise. It was a fantastic time spent with all of them. I am sure that the third cub is still alive it had just been left somewhere else.

Given the last litter of 3 cubs was born on Londolozi to the Nyeleti Female, maybe the cards will align with the Nkoveni to repeat the miracle!

I hope so!

Wonderful virtual safari. I throughly enjoyed it

I am so glad you enjoyed this virtual safari, Norma.

Keeping all warm fuzzy thoughts for the third cubbie to be alive and well!

I hope so, I think she had just left it somewhere and it didn’t follow her across to this carcass.

What a wonderful video. It will remain with me all day – smiling. Thank you so much for posting.

It is such fun watching the cubs run around and play.

Thanks, Sean, for this lovely Easter Video!
It is a pity that the third cub probably has died, however, these two cubs are just adorable. And she seems to be such a good hunter and mother. So keep my fingers crossed that they will make it to adulthood like her second last litter.

These cubs are adorable. There were only two cubs here in this video but I have a strong feeling that the third cub is still alive.

WOW! That has to be the best leopard virtual safari to date! Perfect clearing spot to watch them play. Is there record of a leopard raising three cubs to adulthood? I would think 1 is hard enough, two being a stretch (tho I know that’s been done). Still, will keep fingers crossed.

Thank you so much, Anita. We were so fortunate to be able to see them in that gap and have them play around and entertain us for so long. So the last litter of three that I know of where they were all raised to independence was from the Nyelethi 4:4 Female in 2009. The Nanga Female, Nyelethi Male and another male were all raised. The other male dispersed and was last seen in 2012.

Another terrific VS Sean! Wishing the Nkoveni Female and her two cubs (hopefully three!) the very best, and will stay tuned for any updates! Happy Easter to you, your family, and ever at Londolozi!!

Thank you so much, Paul. I will hopefully be able to confirm that the third cub is still alive very soon.

It’s fantastic to see Nkoveni with at least two of her three cubs and hopefully the third is stashed someplace safe. Their play is wonderful to watch, tumbling, jumping and of course attacking mom’s tail – typical cat behavior! Such a wonderful virtual safari and I loved seeing the low angles you were able to get of Nkoveni.

It was such an amazing few game drives spent with the Nkoveni Female and her cubs. I am very hopeful that the third cubs is still alive.

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