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Xinkhova 2:2 Female

Xinkhova 2:2 Female

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Ximungwe 5:3 Female

Ximungwe 5:3 Female

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Kyle was born and raised in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. His childhood was spent scurrying barefooted along the banks of various rivers and dams, fishing rod ever-in-hand, enjoying the beauty and freedom of outdoors. Kyle obtained a degree in construction from UCT ...

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on The Week In Pictures #641

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Kyle, the best action shot this week is the crocodile and the wildebeest calf, great picture. TWiPs had wonderful pictures of the wild dogs, leopards, and the lone bull elephant. He is impressive.

Kyle, What an amazing set of images! One more exciting than the last. You caught some great action too – our favorite is the wild dog in the air!

Kyle, your wildebeest/crocodile shot is amazing! And I always love the leopard cub ones, so thank you for sharing your talents here.

It is impossible to choose between the lion cub with its round belly being groomed by mom while grooming her and the Ximungwe female leopard being nuzzled by her cub. Excellent series of images all.

Kyle your images this week are awesome and it is hard to just pick one out of all of them. But I will say the Ximungwe female with her cubs are my favorite for this week. Secondly the buffalo and the Oxpecker drink water together is a fantastic image, well done! May I now how you can tell between the Plains Camp lions and the twins Ndhzenga lions. Stunning dawn image Kyle. You Rangers can certainly take the most beautiful photos.

Hi Kyle, My favourites is the happy lion cub that gets his evening bath, the hyena that was cooling itself off in the Sand River and finally the second leopard photo of Ximungwe female and her cubs.
Thank you for this Week In Pictures! I really enjoyed it!

Hi Kyle, I went back to your articles. The one about termites and the moon’s formation were particularly special. All pictures are superb but, as you say, the Ndzenga male is absolutely spectacular, a photo that would become a fantastic poster. The Ximungwe female and her cubs are impossible to beat! Wonderful! Aldo the lion cubs is adorable, the newborn buffalocalf too sweet!. The sunset is one of the best you got. The Saddle-billed stork I think is the most special picture of this week. Giraffe are always so welcome as well as the tusker, always iconic. The jumping wild dog has an unusual grace and it seems much more finely built, the picture is a perfect instant in time. , with pointed ears instead than round. Lovely elephant calf!

Thanks for your fantastic TWIP Kyle! You’ve given us so many amazing images that it’s not possible to choose one or two, so I’ve chosen a few. First of all, your first portrait of the painted dog is brilliant – those eyes. Other favorites include the poor wildebeest in the jaws of the crocodile, Ximungwe and her cubs, the newborn buffalo, and the elephants in the water. Cheers to another great week of sightings!

What a wonderful TWIP! Lions, elephants, leopards, wild dogs and so much more! Yup, the Ndzhenga at dawn is my fav!

Master Tracker

Lovely. my favourite email of the week

I notice that one dog has a collar , do you know the reason who or what is tracking him/her?

Once again very difficult choosing one! I like them all – BUT the lone bull Elephant makes me ponder what stories he and his tusks could tell.

Love the mom and cubs leopards but you truly are the Lion King. Dawn over savanna was gorgeous!!!!!!! Jealous!

Your highlight definitely the highlight of the week! I also love the first pic of the wild dog and the lone hyena cooling off. Of course the ellies cooling off too!

Are we converting you to Nikon? Love and hugs

Kyle, they are all super photographs. I have a number of favourites. The dawn pic, the Wild Dog in mid-air, the Ximungwe Female and her cubs, the ‘buddies sharing a drink’. They are all great photographs. Thanks for sharing them with us.

I love the shot of the elephant bull. And how magical to see a journey of 25 giraffes drinking! I would have loved to be on the Land Rover for that experience.

Brilliant! Not just the lighting, not just the composition – there is some real poetry to this collection!

What an amazing TWIP, Kyle! For sheer cuteness, Ximungwe with her 2 cubs just edges the lion cub having its bath. for an action shot, the wildebeest calf and the crocodile, can’t believe the calf got away. The sihouette of the saddle-billed stork is stunning, and so is the Ndzhenga male crossing the river. But I like all the others as well!

Great images this week Kyle!!

Kyle, another spectacular TWIP from you! The gravity defying wild dog is my favorite. Well done as usual!

Spectacular photos, Kyle! Thanks for another great series of photos.

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