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Three Rivers 2:2 Female

Three Rivers 2:2 Female

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Xinkhova 2:2 Female

Xinkhova 2:2 Female

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Kyle was born and raised in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. His childhood was spent scurrying barefooted along the banks of various rivers and dams, fishing rod ever-in-hand, enjoying the beauty and freedom of outdoors. Kyle obtained a degree in construction from UCT ...

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on The Week in Pictures #634

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I love the lioness gazing upward and the Three Rivers Female peek-a-booing shots the best this week. There was such a wonderful glow in so many of your images and I love the complimentary colors of golden coats against the greenery. I seem to remember another leucistic elephant calf that had been spotted a couple years ago? I wonder if they are related somehow. Here’s hoping it finds lots of mud to wallow in to protect its delicate skin.

Senior Digital Ranger

Is the baby pink elephant blind?

Your photos are great as always, Kyle, haven’t seen you do TWIP for quite a while! For a combination of one my favourite leopards and a great action shot, my vote this week goes to Xinkhova climbing the tree.

Senior Digital Ranger

Although zebras are my favorite. the young pink ellie calf is my favorite. So precious looking.

Kyle, great pictures this week. I can not pick a favorite with the pink elephant calf, the close up views of the lions faces and the birds. Simply spectacular week.

Awesome photos Kyle!! Hope you see the little elephant again.

Hi Kyle, your foto’s are stunning and I absolutely loved your Martial Eagle and my goodness those talons are huge. The take off image is spectacular. Cute little pink calf and please let us know why it is pink with blue eyes. Stallions teeth could seriously damage each other.

I ❤️ the Peek~a~Boo shot!
But the Baby Pink Elephant… wow!
A once in a lifetime… DNA is an amazing thing…
Thanks again for sharing

Hello, I think it’s not the first time a leucistic elephant calf is born, but how exciting to see it personally! It will be interesting to see how its skin and eye react to the sunlight, as pale skin and blue eyes evolved in nordic regions with few hours of light and colder temperature. I love the peak-a-boo! All the cats are great, the older lion cub looks at his younger relative with a funny expression and squint like all cats. Zebras are beautiful and dangerous, stallions are very strong animals and can kill each other when adult. The sunset and the buffalo are intertwined symbols of power, as the lions roaring and looking at their offspring….

Kyle, your photos are wonderful!
Love that peak-a-boo and the female leopard ascending the tree, her back plus tale look a little like a snake moving up the tree. The zebras are fabulous, the light is fantastic. In one word, just every picture is “picture perfect”. Thanks for sharing.

Kyle: My top favorite photo is the Xinkhova vertical shot on a Amarula tree (because so many leopard photos have them stretched horizontally on a branch), followed by the two zebras tussling. But the entire array is intriguing, including the leucistic elephant.

It’s SOOOOO green in all your shots! Fabulous week! You caught some great close ups! That little ellie sure is special! Look forward to hearing what you find out about him. Love the smiling wild dog and the peek-a-boo leopard!

Super images this week, Kyle! The little pinky is indeed amazing but your headline shot of the two zebra stallions fighting is the winner of the week for me!

Kyle, first of all your image of the martial eagle is stunning – best I’ve seen in a long time. A couple more favorites include the leucistic baby elephant and the “peek-a-boo” leopard shot. My understanding of something born with Leucism, is that it’s genetic and quite rare, but not as much as albinism. Skin is usually pigmented and the eyes not the considered normal color but usually bluish. I’ve only seen a leucistic elephant once before and that photo appeared in Nat Geo. What a special sighting that was and you captured the shot!!

Has anybody else been having issues with photos loading? I’ve tried on multiple devices and browsers and get about 50% of them loading in recent weeks.

All great photos but my favorite is the close up of the zebras fighting. Love the stripe pattern under the chin and the wrinkled nose on the one on the left. Also, the bokeh brings the image right to the front. Definitely went into my favorites.

Master Tracker

Super photos , when I get “TWIP” I look to see if there are photos I wish I had taken – and this week’s email delivers

Senior Digital Ranger

Great photos, especially the Zebs. I wanted to ask how, or if the herd will try to protect the little leucistic ele and what the life expectancy might be of such a vulnerable specimen.

Yet another brilliant set of prose with beautiful pictures. Once again, you have outdone yourself man! Love the zebra picture in particular but they are all superb. BRAVO! Can’t wait to see you and H and P soon!

BRILLIANT PROSE ONLY TO ALMOST BE TOPPED BY BRILLIANT PHOTOS! Especially like the zebras but your depiction of the lion looking out into the distance and the leopard peeking out from behind the tree are masterpieces too. Can’t wait to see you guys soon. All the best AND KEEP THE BRILLIANCE COMING!

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