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on Is This The Start of a New Coalition?

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I hope this is a new coalition forming, for both of their sakes (and ours).

Thank you for the positive news about Skorro! What an exciting afternoon! I hope these two males stick together and protect each other’s back. I love how they boldly proclaim territory still acting ”wisely”.

Fascinating, Jess! Why would the two have been calling to the other two coalitions? Is that like an invitation to fight or an announcement of intent to hold their ground or…

I am looking forward to hearing more about this (maybe) new coalition of the Skorro and the Nkhuhuma Males.
The lion dynamics are really fascinating.
Great photos.

Fantastic news Jess and I hope these two males stay together. Your foto’s of the Skorro male are stunning, and the foto’s of the three Ndhzenga Males from James Tyrrell and Dean De LA Rey.

You just want to say to Skorro and Nkuhuma “look guys, you’ve got no chance on your own, just stick together!” We can only hope they work that out for themselves sooner rather than later.

How old is the Nkuhuma Male and what happened to his eye? Is it compromised? The Skorro male is so impressive so hoping he gets some a new gene pool started!!!

Senior Digital Ranger

I hope these 2 make lions join forces and go get the talsasa lioness.( Hope I spelled her name correctly)

Lion fitness might be a title for the last video and blog… how nice for us who follow their lives to see that the Skorro and the Nkuhuma male teamed up at last for now… they seem to act cautiously and so, wisely. I love the pictures of the Ndzenga males perfectly synchronised! Anyway, I was stricken by the beauty of the (I think he was) Othawa male and today the Skorro male. He has a softer look too, it makes him look like a nice fella. Maybe they will protect the new Tsalala generation, if she’s pregnant… the future is unknown but exciting as well. Thank you for this super news

Jess, thank you for the update. I hope that they are successful in forming a lasting coalition .

This is fascinating reading Jess. It’s good to learn that the Nkuhuma may have found a partner with the Skorro male, but as I recall, the Nkuhuma also partnered with the last Birmingham male and then……. It would be great if they did form a coalition as two are better than one in the wilderness. The only issue might be if Tsalala fell pregnant by Skorro and had cubs, Nkuhuma might kill them. The dynamics of the bush are always evolving and sometimes the outcomes are not always positive. Thanks for your update.

This is how two young lion hearts overcome their hardships and become true warriors! What we are reading is unique! Thank you so much for your work.

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