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Xinkhova 2:2 Female

Xinkhova 2:2 Female

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Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

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Jess was born in Kwazulu/Natal but grew up in Cape Town. Having an innate love for all things wild but getting to spend little time in the bush while growing up, she headed straight for the Lowveld after school. She completed a guiding ...

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on The Week in Pictures #626

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Beautiful pictures Jess. Especially the Plaque Rock photos are very atmpspheric. We now have -30 degrees C haha. You must be having quite the opposite) stay safe. P.S. I hope the young Nkuhuma male does not have quite an ouchie in the eye? Can he at least see? Greetings.

The Nkuhuma isn’t a young male, he is 7 years old and in his prime (born 20I8 by Birmingham males) I believe that he was given the eye injury by his father/uncle Nhenha Birmingham when they were in a ‘coalition’ together.

Sorry i meant to say that he was born in 2016 not 2018

Many thanks for the info!

Beautiful pictures Jess. Especially the Plaque Rock photos are very atmospheric. We now have -30 degrees C haha. You must be having quite the opposite) stay safe. P.S. I hope the young Nkuhuma male does not have quite an ouchie in the eye? Can he at least see? Greetings.

Jess, this is not only a fantastic TWIP, but including Advice’s images was a wonderful addition. You are so correct in stating that whilst you and Advice were shooting the same subject, the results will always be a bit different depending on lens selection, camera settings, angle of shot to name a few. This week I’m choosing as favorites: first shot of the Ntsevu young male( he does look like a Birmingham male), the Skorro male, Nkuwa, and the family portrait of the Ntsevu brothers and sister after crossing the river. Thank you and Advice!

Senior Digital Ranger

Wonderful pictures. Love all the lions ones and love leopards in a tree with dangling limbs.

Wonderful TWIP, thanks Jess and Advice. 4 of Advice’s shots have gone straight into my favourites (don’t take this personally, Jess!) – I just love the ones of the Ntsevu males crossing the river, also Plaque Rock in the tree (yet more history with lions) , also the ones of Xinkhova. Has she had that little notch in her right ear for long? – I noticed it when I saw her last month but couldn’t remember it being there on my previous sightings of her.

Jess and Advice, What a great team TWIP! The images and story of the Ntsevu lions is brilliant and we love the way the images told a story. Of course catching them crossing the river is a classic! Your images of the leopards in the trees are our fabulous and the B&W of Plaque Rock female is our favorite!

My favorite big animals are lionesses, so obviously my #1 photo is yours of the Nstevu lioness with her tail up. Sassy!

What a fantastic week of big cats! The lighting you got sure made for even more special shots! Advice’s first color shot of the Plaque Rock female is my fave. The shot of the Skorro male next…I think he is such a handsome king!

Great photos, Jess and Advice.
The young Ntsevu males and their sister have become such formidable lions. It has been great to see them as cubs, then adolescents and now nearly fully grown, powerful lions. I also love the picture of the sister with her tail up and the intent in her eyes. And, of course those adorable leopards!

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow, what an amping group of photos of these cats. Each one a favorite. Great post! I also agree that the Ntsevu Breakaway Pride looks so much like their father. Their intelligence, awareness, courage and calculated movements also reflect their father greatly. I guess that’s why we loved the Birmingham males so much. It truly warms one’s heart to see his spirit moving so strongly in this world still. Cannot wait to see how their story unfolds. I feel they will go down as one of the greatest tales of Londolozi. Thank you for helping us to trail along!

Hi Jess, your foto’s and Advices’ foto’s are stunning. So glad he also took foto’s and shared them with us. The lions are stunning and the leopards are beautiful. I loved the image of the Skorro male lion.

Your images tell a great story. I felt as though I was at each sighting right along side you. I love how the dangling limbs of the Plaque Rock female mimic the limbs of the dead leadwood tree. The Skorro male is looking handsome as ever. Has the Nkuhuma male suffered an injury to his right eye? It looked half covered by a drooping eyelid perhaps.

Jess, I like the shot of the three Ntsevu lions greeting one another. It was a unique photo. Thank you for sharing your lion and leopard pictures this week.

Hi Jess, many compliments to all the photographers, the pictures are stunning and so nice to see different perspectives and all with a top quality result! The black-and-white pictures of the tree and the leopard are exquisite. The Skorro male is surely a beauty and has a softer looks that makes him appear as a “good guy”. But the Ntsevu Breakaway lions are impressive, there is the dna of the Birmingham males in them, they will surely become as gorgeous. The lioness in the water is peculiar. She squinted a bit, to focus the objects in front of her. Beautiful girl

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