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Nkuwa 3:3 Female

Nkuwa 3:3 Female

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Kelsey has many fond memories of family bush and camping trips across South Africa when she was growing up and for her, this sparked a growing love for the wilderness and opportunities to seek new adventures. Although she studied BComm Financial Management and ...

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on The Week in Pictures #625

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Thanks for the pictures. I really enjoyed them on a cold snowy winter day guys) May the strength of God and nature be with you and happy winter holidays to all, people and animals.

Pleasure Kirill 🙂 and happy holidays to you too!

Master Tracker

Superb photos -as always

Thank you Ian!

Hi, there are moving pictures in this week… like a zebra and her foal. Touching! I studied the social structure of steenbok, they are such delightful little creatures. The Xinkova female in black and white is an exquisite portrait! All cubs are cute and beautiful as usual…

Thank you Francesca, the zebra and foal is heart warming! Glad you enjoyed the variety 🙂

Lovely TWIP Kelsey, thank you. I’m assuming the 3 young Ntsevu cubs would have been the ones I saw with the pride 2 weeks ago? – 2-3 months old ? Very cute!

Thank you Suzanne, yes those are the ones 🙂

Senior Digital Ranger

So many wonderful pictures, very hard to choose favorties. Zebra and foal and pictures of the Nkuwa cub with it’s tongue stuck out would be my favorite.

Thank you Sandra, I can see from your profile picture you have a soft spot for the zebras! 🙂

Kelsey, such beautiful photos! I love all of them, especially the procession of elephants and that of the lioness leading her cubs to join the pride.
Wow, the Ntsevu pride is really doing very well with so many young cubs.
And, of course I love those absolutely gorgeous male cubs of the Nkuwa female.
And the elephant mum with her newborn. Oh, and of course the buffalos coming down to the river. So far I have only seen them among trees and bushes. It’s a great photo.
And indeed, this year has just come and gone like in a second. Christmas is on the doorstep.
And I am looking forward to the new year and another wonderful trip to Londolozi.

Thank you Christa! I’m so glad you enjoy all of them! It certainly is hard to pick a favourite 🙂 I hope you enjoy the festive season and then can count down the days until your next trip!

How can you not just love seeing all of the new life! I could look at those babies all day long. But then knowing deep down the challenges that lie ahead for them and their parents. From my heart I wish the very best for all…❤️

Exactly Barbi! It has been a special time with all the youngsters around and despite the challenges ahead we can still enjoy these moments:)

Lots of standouts, but overall, a great parents and kids collection!

Thank you Michael!

What beautiful images here this week in TWIP Kelsey. The two leopard cubs from the Nkuwa female are gorgeous males. Loved the one with his mouth open and resting under the tree. Precious little elephant calf, and Zebra foal and lion cubs. There is always something special about babies in the wild. Wow there were a lot of buffalo in the sand river. Fantastic foto of the steenbokkies, you hardly ever seen them.

Thank you Valmai! There have been some spectacular sightings lately and some very special moments with all the youngsters around 🙂 and yes a rare occasion with the buffalo crossing the Sand River and the Steenbok pair together!

Well done Kelsey! Your images for this week’s TWIP were so much fun to view. I loved the family portrait of the Ntsevu pride with presumably the Ndhzenga father. But then you included my favorite female Nkuwa and her handsome male cubs, now almost as big as her and that was even better. However, I also found the tiny baby elephant as well as the zebra foal truly endearing. It seems I can’t choose a favorite, they’re all wonderful.

Thank you Denise, I’m glad I could include some of your favourites 🙂 it is very hard to choose though!

Kelsey, wonderful pictures of the females and their young. I like the two pictures of the lioness’s and their cubs.

Thank you William! Those were some special moments between mother and cubs:)

I loved seeing the steenbok pair. They don’t feature often and I enjoyed taking in the different markings on their faces and inside their ears. There are so many great shots of mothers with offspring that this could almost be a Mother’s Day post! Warms my heart.

I’m happy to hear Chelsea! The Steenbok is one of my favourite too…not often you see the pair together!

Kelsey, What a beautiful set of images! It’s great to see the next generation leopards and lions doing so well. We know know it is rare for leopards to make it through to independence! Our favorite image is the Xinkhova Female in B&W!

Thank you Michael and Terri! 🙂 The youngsters are all doing very well at the moment! Glad you like the B&W picture of the Xinkhova female – she posed perfectly!

Wow Kelsey! I think this week’s pics first in a bit where EVERY SINGLE ONE (IMO) is an absolute LOVE! Bravo and thank you! 🙂 Fam trio might be the winner for me tho!

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