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on Four Leopards and a Hyena

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That was an amazing sighting Matt and the images were wonderful. I still find it unusual that the Senegal Bush male would be around Nkuwa and her cubs whilst a fresh kill was there, as usually doesn’t the dominant male chase others away whilst he steals the kill? Nkuwa has done a remarkable job raising these two rambunctious males to almost a year old and I’m hopeful she can continue to supply enough food for the three of them and continue to keep them safe. Somehow your video did not make the blog so you’ll have to include it another time. Great update!

Senior Digital Ranger


Marvelous sightings and images. Absolutely love the video of the cubs and mom grooming each other. Well done.

So cool- what a great sighting!

So wonderful to see the whole family together Matt. Shame I felt sorry for them as they lost their kill to the hyenas. The two cubs are beautiful and I am so pleased to see they are doing well. Mom has a good way of bring them up as it is a year know and they are growing up to be stunning males. Lovely little video showing affection to one another.

Lucky, lucky you and your guests! – what a fantastic sighting, I’m jealous.

Great story and pictures Matt. Experience is the best teacher for all of us.

What an amazing sighting, Matt. Nice pictures and video. The cubs look quite full, so they must have had a decent meal before they lost their food.
What a great mother the Nkuwa female is! Two male cubs are quite something to raise and they look so healthy and beautiful.

Great post Matt, and very cool to see all four leopards together. One question; you mentioned your six weeks cycle in the bush. Is this a regular rotation for rangers – six weeks on, “x” number of weeks off?

Sweet sighting – four leopards! Just plain amazing!

Guys you know what) I once saw pictures of Karula, Mwula and their kids having a family meal together (2014 or so). Taking into account who the kids were, I feel no surprise after all. Thanks for this wonderful story. Made my day better).

Leopards 0 – hyena 1 for yet another time. I think the Senegal Bush is aging and he is better saving a future for his own offspring, with these two males his dna is safe. Such a gorgeous family he always has that cool look and his sons have turned into impressing cubs

What is especially nice about this little family is if Nkuwa’s first (lost) litter of cubs might have been Hosana’s offspring, then this litter is his older brother, Kunyuma, (Senegal Bush Male) offspring instead. And therefore Karula’s grandsons!

How special! Glad no cubs were harmed during the stealing of the impala.

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