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on Following Lions Amidst Breathtaking Views! – Virtual Safari #194

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I saw these 2 males 2 years ago. They looked impressive then, but they look even more so now. The Skorro male in particular needs to keep his head down!

The Plains Camp Males are formidable lions. I think all other lions around here need to avoid any confrontation with them. Especially the Skorro Breakaway Male. He has had a few run-ins with them but being smaller and lighter he was quick enough to get away.

Hi Sean, lions are always the ultimate Kings… until elephant bulls arrives! So impressive, their manes reaching chest and on their elbows, do you know their age? How much younger are they than the Ndzengas? I keep associating them with the death of the Tsalala mother. Nature is unforeseeable. Its mechanisms are detrimental to the ones and in favour of others… see the Nkuhuma young males that, as sons of beautiful Birmingham, are becoming a real menace. How interesting this prolific lion movements and changes are!

They are the ultimate kings, until an elephant arrives then they scamper off with their tails between their legs. They were born in mid 2017, so only reaching their prime now and should still have a few more years of dominating this area.

Nature is fascinating and watching the different dynamics and events unfold out here keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Thanks for sharing this footage of the two magnificent Plains Camp males. Watching these two confidently make their way through the clearing in the Ximpalapala area is always exciting. Questions come to mind such as will they stay in the area to challenge other known prides or could their presence create an opportunity for the current residents to eliminate their chances to establish themselves in the northern part of the reserve. It seems these two males continue to “test the waters” as they look to expand their own territory.

I think because they are such large and formidable males they are just asserting their dominance over any other males they can hear, expanding their territory as they go. In time they will occupy such a large area that we will see them more but they will also need to patrol the other regions in their territory.

Wow Sean that was such a stunning video of these two Plains Camp males. Very impressive lions and the view behind them absolutely beautiful. Oh my goodness there is going to be lion dynamics changing and holding my breathe for the fight. They are all so stunning, I don’t want them to kill each other for dominance, but that is how it works.

hey are such impressive male lions and spending a morning with them was great.

Thanks for this beautiful video, Sean.
The lions’ dynamics at Londolozi is getting more and more exciting, indeed.
There are so many coalitions plus the solitary Skorro male.
I am looking forward to hearing more about all these lions in the next few months.

As always the lion dynamics is thrilling and keeps us guessing.

Sean, incredible video of the lions. Thanks for sharing your adventure today.

Thanks so much, William.

They are very impressive and handsome lions! They look like they are in prime condition. What a beautiful sighting.

They are such regal and enormous male lions and it was great to spend the morning with them.

What a spectacular sighting Sean. Just brilliant! These 2 PCM’s are incredible. Please keep us posted as to what will transpire going forward.

The Plains Camp Males are such formidable lions that I am sure there will some exciting news involving them in the future.

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