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on What’s Next for the Lioness of Ntsevu Breakaways?

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What a fantastic and thorough review, Kirst. Another saga to unfold at Londolozi!

Senior Digital Ranger

Omg why would her story end here? That was a very sad note to leave such a interesting story on.

Master Tracker

The final photograph is superb, I hope she meets up with the Tsalala female . This story reminds me somewhat of the most famous lioness of them all Elsa . When she returned to wild she eventually joined a pride .

Wonderful photos of these lions, Kirst.
I hope that this beautiful and remarkable lioness will have a good future and be able to join either her natal pride or maybe the Tsalala female.
I really wonder why she left her pride in the first place. Do you think it was because she was so attached to her brothers?

Thanks Kirst, I’ve been wondering about this myself. Do you know if there has been a similar situation beforehand? – it’s a very tricky one and will be interesting to see what choice she makes.
It was good to meet you at the studio on Saturday, thanks for your help. Pat may have told you, I had a large canvas made of 1 of my images of Xinkhova, really pleased with it.

What an interesting prospect of lions movement in Londolozi…. Two adult young mothers to-be lionesses with a future full of chances and doubts… the Tsalala female is perfect but this one looks great as well. With all her abilities and experience she will hopefully succeed

Gosh, there are so many possibilities for her future. Personally, I’d like to see her join up with the Tsalala female sooner rather than later. If/when Tsalala has cubs, the Breakaway female will be able to help with hunts and raising the cubs. Too many if’s, though! Do you have your ‘ideal’ outcome, Kirst?

This all could be a drama series!!! How exciting to see how it all unfolds! 🙂

Kirst it would be wonderful if she and the Tsalala female could become friends, then they both could have cubs together. As you say you think the Tsalala female could be pregnant. I hope she can mate with the Skorro male, he is such a stunning lion. Her 4 brothers are becoming such successful lions and they are beautiful. She is such a beautiful lioness herself and I hope she finds a mate soon and has cubs to have her own family.

I had been thinking about the lone female in this Ntsevu breakaway coalition after reading an earlier blog posted a few weeks ago. Inasmuch as she’s mature enough to mate, would she leave her brothers and return to her natal pride affording her an opportunity to mate or if not accepted, stay with her brothers a bit longer? I hadn’t considered a liaison between her and Tsalala only because Tsalala has been seen mating. I enjoyed reading your post Kirst as you did build more of a story about what life might look like for this female lioness. The next couple of months should provide more opportunities for reporting on this young female in addition to her brother’s consistent hunting prowess.

I think meeting with the Tsalala female would be the birth of a new pride. Both are Birmingham daughters,so there is that connection as well. Hopefully,she tries reintegrating with her natal pride and she slowly eases her way back in. Her future prospects occupy my thoughts on a daily basis.

Kirst, thank you for the update on the lioness of Ntsevu. Wonderful pictures of the group. I hope she is successful in mating and living. Keep us informed, can’t wait.

Toujours passionné par vos documents
Allez à londolozi est un rêve pour moi que j’espère réaliser avant de ne plus pouvoir le faire. C’est aussi une source passionnante de connaissances sur ces merveilleux animaux

Please, keep us informed. It is a very interesting situation, and will show a lot about lion behavior. Whatever happens, I feel we will learn something about lions from this situation.

She’s certainly found herself in a precarious situation, but at least she has several options to explore. I am looking forward to watching it all unfold. Even though it would mean being permanently cast out from her natal pride, if she and the Tsalala female could join forces that would be a great benefit for Tsalala, especially if they do so before any cubs arrive.

Very interesting post Kirst, and I’ll be looking forward to updates!

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