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Growing up in the small coastal town of Mtunzini afforded Matt a childhood of endless adventures and the freedom to explore the rich diversity of animal and plant life in the area. He thus developed his passion for wildlife at a young age. ...

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on The Week in Pictures #622

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Stunning pictures as always. Have you seen any newborn impala lambs yet?
About the Tsalala female, do you observe her feeding often? Is her diet very different from the larger lion prides?

Matt, TWIP’s is great. The cute lion cubs huddled together and the several shots of the leopards are beautiful. However , my favorite is the African fish eagle with the tilapia in it’s talons is an outstanding shot.

Senior Digital Ranger

The Ntsevu pride huddle together is my favorite pic.

Senior Digital Ranger

Great pictures of the week. Hard to pick a favorite. Great to hear the Nkuwa cubs are doing well!

Matt, what a great set of images! So great to see so many leopards. Also fun to see the Xitsalala Male leopard. Where does he usually hang out?

He was in Ngala in 2021 and SabiSands in 2022

Excellent images, Matt! The African Fish eagle with the tilapia is outstanding!

Such beautiful photos , Matt.
I love the bird photos and of course the one of “princess” Tsalala, my favorite lioness.
And those beautiful leopards…
Just all your photos are great.

Hi Matt, super pictures! Yes the lions are fantastic, but leopards are many and awesome as well. Very difficult to choose… the last one, the “cub composition ” is the funniest and cutest. As the leopard cub is. The Ntomi male is so impressive, his parents rightly invested on him, he looks more mature than he is. The hippo bull is impressive, the zebra and the young giraffe, the gnu, the elephant and birds all really so nice to look at

Wow Matt, the African fish eagle image is awesome. Never seen the Xitsalala male before. My favorite is the image of the lion cubs huddling together. Loved the Ntomi male foto, he is so beautiful.

awwwww the last one of the cubs huddled up is so great…were there 5?! the Ntomi male in the sunlight is stunning (and my fave). also the ellie pic. so.many.leopards…amazing! 🙂

Senior Digital Ranger

As always it is lovely to see the Tsalala female in good physical condition. She was recently seen mating with the young Skorro male. Have they been seen together since? I hope this is the start of a new, happy chapter for her – as the sole surviving member of the Tsalala Pride. She deserves many blessings.

As always TWIP brings back so many wonderful memories of our time in the bush. But this week i have to vote for the picture of the zebra and giraffe because i took a similar picture on my last trip and have it hanging on my den wall!

Ps I forgot the cheetah! He’s fantastic he would be my nr one if there weren’t the cubs

Great series of images Matt, especially related to the big cats. It’s always special to see Tsalala female, but additionally your photo of the lion cub fur huddle was impressive. It seems there were definitely 5, but there may have been another body hiding underneath the pile. Any idea on the lineage of the nomadic male leopard?

Beautiful collection. Matt. I love the cheetah, the elephant trunk and the hippo this week. Although there was something very sweet about the way the Xinzele female was curled up on the termite mound that made me pause. She’s a beautiful leopard.

Having seen the tsalala female as a sub adult with her mom in January 2020, I am so appreciative of updates on her and proud of her continuing success. She is quite something. Fingers crossed for her. Definitely her mother’s daughter.

Great TWIP Matt! Too many great shots to choose from, and I love your comment regarding getting a great photo and being present!

Leopards leopards leopards! Usually my favorite photos, for sure….however, this week it is the Ntsevu cubbie cuddle puddle that takes the prize!

All the best to all the Londolozians . Your stories and photos are a real pleasure in an ever darkening world.

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