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Dan developed his love for the African bush whilst growing up on a family run farm in the Kwa-Zulu Natal midlands. Growing up in the bushveld he was surrounded by wildlife and finds his passion in what nature has to offer. After completing ...

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on Warthog Hunting Masterclass By The Nweti Male

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Wow Dan, your image sequence is nothing short of brilliant! Your photos truly exemplified a master class in how to catch a warthog by the experienced Nweti male. I’m curious now after seeing a couple of previous blogs featuring the capture and kill of warthogs, if these animals are seen as a decadent treat for the leopard, inasmuch as the warthog is essentially a wild pig. Can they taste the difference from an Impala for example. I see another article about predators and their food preferences…..

Fabulous images and blow by blow descriptions. Well Done

Senior Digital Ranger

WOW. Great series. Amazing captures and great documentary.

Hi Dan, I looked for the identity card you usually put on for leopards, admiration is the feeling that follows. He sounds a lucky and both superb animal, a winner in the selection of nature and army race. He is undoubtedly very handsome, this fact emphasises the pictures sequence, a spectacular event, although I don’t like violence and prefer other subjects this is really unique. Leopards are superior to other predators, they are ultimate killers and masters of intelligence. I’m sure their ability is underestimated, given also the lack of crossing data like how often they are stolen their prey (so other predators don’t have to hunt). Taste for prey has to be combined with the ability and strength as well as cleverness and he has all!

What amazing photos, Dan, of this hunt. As far as I know I have never seen this male leopard. Really fascinating how they dig and wait for their prey.

Well who doesn’t like bacon?! ;p Great shots! That was a big boy too! Happy that it was a swift kill…

As you say Dan, simply sensational! How much would you estimate a warthog that size would weigh? I can’t imagine a female or young male leopard would have the strength to tackle one that size.
Did he manage to keep the kill long enough to be able to stash it in a tree?

Hello Dan, this series of photos and this story are simply unique, I can’t believe you were able to witness it! Thanks for sharing

Hi Dan, what beautiful images you posted of the warthog kill from the Nweti male leopard. Every image tells its own unique story right up until the last image where he has the warthog in his mouth and the next one where he pulled the kill to the nearest tree. Stunning foto’s and it looks as if warthog a special meal is for the leopards. Astounding story thanks very much.

Dan, an amazing encounter with great pictures. It is never easy to witness the death of an animal but it always sustains the life of another.

Stunning capture, and amazing images Dan! Bravo!!

Senior Digital Ranger

Each one of these photos is so powerful! I am mesmerized by the one of the Nweti male looking up into the tree, sizing the situation up. His supreme intelligence in that moment, power and precision without one wasted move is excellent. Loved this post. You honored him superbly!

Astounding sensational photos!! Wow what an incredible moment to witness in the bush!

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