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Mashaba 3:3 Female

Mashaba 3:3 Female

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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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Nkuwa 3:3 Female

Nkuwa 3:3 Female

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Great comeback of the Mashaba female. Great pictures overall!

Thank you so much, Kirill. It was amazing to see the Mashaba Female again.


Amazing photographs as always! We saw the Mashaba female with her cub (which is now the Ximungwe female) when we visited in 2016, so I’m glad she’s still alive.

I was wondering about the Ntsevu males. Last time I checked they were 6 right? I saw another blog post last month (the one about them nearly killing a hyena) that also mentioned 4 brothers, but I thought it was just in that sighting. Did the other 2 get killed, and if so, how and when?

Thank you so much, David. We are also so glad that she is alive and well. It was quite a shock to have her back this far north but we are not complaining.

So there are still six males although the two older brothers left and went south to the Kruger National Park. I believe they are still doing well down there but we have not seen them since they left.

Senior Digital Ranger

Sean….good stuff but money shot is the A dog close up…whoever shot it, congrats. Jim

Thank you so much, Jim. All these shots are mine. I also do really enjoy the shot of the wild dog up close.

Beautiful photos Sean.
So great that the Mashaba Female has reappeared and in such good condition.
Also nice to know that the Tsalala lioness is fine.
I love your bird photos.

Thank you so much, Christa. It was great to see the Mashaba Female again and although looking a little old and tattered she was still in good shape.

From a photographic stand point, the picture of the Novena female with her reflection in the water is my favorite shot this week. However, I really like the sunset between the two Marula trees, so tranquil . Thank you for sharing TW iP the week.

I think any animals and their reflections has the power to win people over. I don’t know what it is about them.

Senior Digital Ranger

So many stunning pictures to choose from. Lions, Leopards, Wild Dogs, Ellies, Birds. My favorite is Ndzhenga Male settles in the shade of a guarrie bush.

Thank you so much, Sandra. There was a nice variety of images this week.

Sean, We are so thrilled to hear that Mashaba is back at Londolozi! We think she must have been lonely down South and missed Terri! Great shots across the board – the leopard reflection and Stilt at the Causeway are beautiful. Our favorite is the close-up of the wild dog!

We were also thrilled to see her. I couldn’t believe it when it was called in over the radio, so I had to see for myself. I have to agree with you that they wild dog close up is a favourite of mine.

Well Sean, you did rather give the game away as to which leopard it was by putting Mashaba’s i.d underneath it! (Honestly, I had already realised it was her before I saw that!) Wonderful to see her back – I saw her last November, and Alfie said that would probably be our last sighting of her. As to why she’s come back, could it be her daughters Nkoveni and Ximungwe might be more tolerant of her than other females would be, now she doesn’t have her own territory?
Yes, it looks like the bush is greening up nicely. Have you had a lot of rain recently?

It is wonderful to have the Mashaba Female back up this neck of the woods again. It could be the case, but I think she is just free roaming at the moment and had gone walk about. We have had about 80mm of rain since the 1st of September, so a decent amount. Enough to transform everything.

All ears!!! Love those pups! The Tsalala Female is looking great (and great shot)! I was not familiar w/ the Mashaba female so seems really was a bit of time since she’s been gone. Her age made me wonder what age is the oldest leopard you all have followed?

The Mashaba Female used to be territorial around camp, about two years ago she shifted south and set up territory down there.
The oldest female that I know of was the Nottens Female who died around her 18th birthday. So the Mashaba Female should still have a few more years in her.

All pictures are super and as often it is impossible to choose. I usually choose combining several factors, linke the peculiarities of the picture s, the ability of the photographer, the beauty overall and the emotional message that is conveyed. So, this time I’ll stay to the emotional plus ability … and beauty. The Mashaba female and her sunset, a touching, none the less resilient and unlucky one. And the Tsalala female, a great fighter, loser and winner, seems to smile with her pretty face in her own full sun, although it was sunset. Fantastic creatures. I hope to see the Mashaba before it’s too late

Those are some great choices this week, Francesca. And even more so the reasoning behind selecting each one. I hope the Mashaba Female hangs around a little longer.

As usual, you make choosing a favorite extremely difficult as all you8r images are first rate. I am always a melting heart for the wild dogs and the close up of the wild dog lying down in the road with that great eye contact wins the day for me.

Thank you so much, Karen. I also have a soft spot for wild dogs and loved that image too.

So glad to see my favorite leopardess the Mashaba female. She is really getting old know, but still remains my favorite. I am sure you are thrilled as well Sean seeing the Mashaba female again. Some beautiful images again this week and I loved the 4 Ntsevu breakaway pride seems to be a formidable team.

The Mashaba Female is getting old now, but she should have a few more years in her, I hope. The Ntsevu Breakaways are growing into a formidable team.

Oh my, my, Sean. So many spectacular shots. But Tsalala remains, of course, close to our hearts. I’m not one to anthropomorphize animal behavior, but have you noticed the number of Tsalala photos where she seems to be contemplative? Hmm . . .

I have noticed that, Willa, and often thought that to myself. One can’t help but wonder what is going on in her mind in those moments.

What a treat to see Mashaba near camp! What are the thoughts about what brought her back? She looks pretty good, for sure!
My fav shot of the week is the eye-level dog!!

To be honest, Mary Beth, I am not sure why she would return. There could be a number of reasons and none of them in isolation, a lot of other pressure from female leopard in that area, a number of lions also being around there, recently losing a litter of cubs (we believe she had a litter of cubs a couple months ago), no longer actually being territorial and so she had gone walk about, or maybe she could be going a little delirious and that led to her roaming further afield. I am not sure but we will see where she ends up now and that might help us work it out.

So great to see Mashaba around again and great shots of her Sean . She remains my favorite leopard of all time and have seen her in vitually all my annual visits to Londolozi over the past 12 years and wrote a blog on her a few years ago .May she remain healthy fo a long time and would love to see her again next year !

It really was so good to see the Mashaba Female again, I hope she hangs around and is still here by your next visit, Tony.

Great shots as always Sean! Love this blog. My 2 favorites are the dog and the Tsalala female. Saw the original tailless mother in 97 with Ryan Hilton then again in 06. Amazing she has survived to continue the lineage. Always love to hear about her. Please keep up the great work. Hope to return soon

Thank you so much, Patricia. It really is amazing that this last remaining lioness of the Tsalala Pride has survived and will hopefully, continue the Tsalala Lineage.

Oh my Sean, you’ve presented some really great images this week! First of all, your photos of the Mashaba female were so good to see. I’ve missed seeing her in the Londolozi blogs and vividly remember the first sighting I had of her this past April. Other note worthy images for me included the vibrant sunset, lining up the sun between the Marula trees, the wild dog portrait as well as your marketing shot, Tsalala, and the reflection of Nkoveni. As far as the Ntsevu killing machine, is their sister still traveling with them? Eventually will they push her out, and then could she possibly rejoin her mother’s pride,and if not, perhaps she could become Tsalala’s friend – wishful thinking on my part!

Thank you so much, Denise. We were thrilled to see the Mashaba Female again.
Yes, the Ntsevu Breakaways are still the four brothers and their sister. I am sure she will eventually leave them, but it is unlikely that she will be able to rejoin her natal pride. She might be able to join the Tsalala Female, but yes that is rather wishful thinking.

Must be the Mashaba female.

Indeed it was. We were so excited to see her back in her old stomping grounds.

Master Tracker

Super photos – as always.

The wild dog photo is very special

Thank you so much, Ian.

Loved the dramatic contrast of the black-winged stilt this week! I’m so glad the Mashaba female is still alive and doing well. What a legend she is.

Makhunga is an enormous male lion. I still struggle believing he is only 6 years old. Wish him and his Plains Camp Brother all the very best. They have stabilised the Western Sector.

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