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on The Senegal Bush Male Leopard Hunts Warthog… Again!

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I loved your post Kirst – Senegal Bush male’s patience at the warthog burrow finally yields success! Your video definitely demonstrates the strength and agility of this well-known leopard, but it’s your final image that seems to illustrate complete ownership of this warthog by Senegal Bush leopard. What an amazing sighting!

Absolutely sensational image and great write up

How exciting, Kirst! Love that last picture – there was no way after last time he was going to lose this one!

First, great video capturing the leopard and the warthog. Thank you for sharing the video.

Great video, Kirst! He really has taste for warthog as we saw him do the same thing in July! That time, as the light was almost gone, he had walked partway around the base of the termite mound when he leaped into the air to grab a huge warthog as 3 popped out almost simultaneously! He’s smarter now, though-he lost it to a hyena in the morning as he didn’t hoist it.

Undoubtedly he’s the ultimate hunter. Such a perfect timing and precision in moving. I’m so sorry for the warthog and the mum, they are great fighter and unique animals, but the Senegal Bush male is impossible to beat. His victime is killed so quickly, I wish all predators were like leopards, especially like him..he has such a unique expression… the ultimate great king. And many compliments to the author of the video for being so timely and catching the desperation of a mother and the determination of a supreme hunter

What an exciting morning, Kirst. Your patience and the Senegal Bushmale’s indeed paid off and you got that amazing sighting.
These warthogs are really brave, defending their family members.

Brilliant sighting Kirst! The Senegal Bush male is an incredible leopard, and it was amazing to see how he dodged the mother warthog, who was extremely brave for her own part!

Great post Kirst! The Senegal Bush male is by far my favorite, we were fortunate enough to see him a couple times when we were at Londolozi a few weeks ago. Such a beautiful and menacing looking leopard!

In a lightening flash the Senegal bush male caught that warthog. His patience was rewarded with his kill. It was amazing to see Kirst, to see how fast it was and shame I felt sorry for the mother warthog who even tried to fight the leopard off. The foto of him leaning on the warthog in the tree is such a stunning foto.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for the wonderful blog on the Senegal Bush male. It is always a pleasure to know he is still doing well.

I’m so impressed not only at his patience, but that he was able to continue to keep hold of his target while also managing the counterattack from the other warthog.

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