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Nkuwa 3:3 Female

Nkuwa 3:3 Female

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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on 24hrs of Wildlife Magic and a Rescue Mission- Virtual Safari #187

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Great to see the Skorro Breakaway male so close in video and a leopardess with two cubs finally! All healthy and thriving. Also the herd of elephants, always a welcome sight

It was such an awesome time with all these amazing animals.

Life certainly is not easy for a leopard mother with two cubs. At last they were able to have some of the food though they may have lost the rest to a hyena.
In August we also saw the Skorro male steal a carcass from a hyena and a leopard; he definitely enjoyed whatever was left of that prey. And the Nkuwa , who hd also arrived when she heard the commotion, watched from the bushes how he devoured everything.

A mother leopard has a very challenging time raising cubs and it isn’t going to be over for a while for the Nkuwa Female.

Sean, Once again you had a great adventure. The was you are shooting your video definitely helps tell the story! Beautiful leopard shots across the river. I would hope that helping another ranger like you did would give you a credit for a “Pink Pouch”! Also, does a flat tire get the Pouch?

It was such an awesome couple of game drives. Thank you so much. Sadly, this incident was not worthy of the pink pouch and if only I could bank a credit I certainly would.

Hi Sean, thanks for the exciting video of the Nkuhuma female and her cubs. They are growing up so quickly and they are gorgeous. Wow the Skorro male is so huge and really a beautiful male. Would definitely not want to get on his wrong side. Loved the baby elephant and love to see them forage.

They are growing so quickly and it has been so incredible having them around over the last little while.

Thoroughly enjoyed the virtual safari, especially seeing the magnificent Skorro male. He truly measures up to the perfect male lion image. Great to see how well Nkuwa is doing raising two male cubs. They look to be around 8-9 months and the one featured today is quite big.
So in the case of todays flat tire and the need for assistance, is that pink pouch worthy? If so, I guess they won’t leave the lodge again without checking to make sure their tool kit is complete!

Thank you so much, Denise. The Skorro Breakaway Male is an impressive young male. Hopefully, he sticks around for a while longer. The Nkuwa Cubs are I think if my math is correct about 11 months old. Sadly, a flat tyre doesn’t warrant the pink pouch.

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