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Kyle was born and raised in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. His childhood was spent scurrying barefooted along the banks of various rivers and dams, fishing rod ever-in-hand, enjoying the beauty and freedom of outdoors. Kyle obtained a degree in construction from UCT ...

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on Nature’s Miraculous Revival

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Well written Kyle. It is a magic time of the year. Having taken trails into the Pilanesberg National Park for 20 years, during all seasons, I can relate to what you have said.

Kyle you are such a beautiful writer! This piece outlined perfectly the significance of the summer rains, and in such a poetic manner. Keep it up!

Kyle, Although we have never been to Londolozi in the summer months, your story is so beautifully written and inspiring – someday we will return at that time of year!

A wonderfully poetic text, Kyle.
It describes the smell of rain, the feeling of relief all creatures must have so well.

Hi, at the moment we have been through a sort of “summer fall”… birds and fish and marine mammals that usually are seen in summer are mixing up in the same environment with typical autumnal species… alien species are favourites as well. But it’s all incredibly beautiful, like the pictures and tale you offered us today. All are superb, but the leopard and the lion in the rain are pure poetry, also the wildebeest in the rainbow light. They all had a peculiar moment in their life in a season that keeps changing

A really inspiring piece, Kyle. In fact, Bob and I have just put a deposit on our 2024 visit this time next year! We’re usually fall-to-winter visitors so your blog has made us excited about what we’ll experience next year!

Kyle your description of the rains is absolutely astounding. Everything and everyone is dependent of the rains which can only be given by our Lord God in abundance, and we thank Him for that. So beautiful to see the dry bear ground be transformed and the grass which will be so green an lush for all the grass eating animals. Looking at the trees their new leaves are coming out, and the leaf eating animals will certainly be enjoying them. Yes the Woodlands Kingfisher are here by us on the Reserve as well, once they have arrived we know for sure the summer is here and the rains are coming. So glad to see the tortoises are out and about.
Well written summary of the conditions in Londolozi right know Kyle.

This post, so beautifully written, would entice anyone to travel to Londolozi during the summer months. I had always thought the life giving rains didn’t begin until November, when the parched earth and bare trees offer their gratefulness, bursting into splashes of green throughout the lowveld. I have visited during the summer but missed the rain. Perhaps next year….

Excellent piece Kyle! Wish we were still there to witness the new growth and colors at Londolozi but your words painted a perfect picture in my mind. Well done! (Jo Ann especially loved the rainbow pic)

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