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Nweti 4:2 Male

Nweti 4:2 Male

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Keagan Chasenski

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Keagan has always had a connection with wildlife, having been lucky enough to visit Londolozi as a child. After growing up in Johannesburg, he attended boarding school in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands where weekends were spent exploring the reserve and appreciating his surroundings. ...

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on From Aristotle to Modern Neuroscience: The Surprising Truth About Our Senses and Sentient: Part 1

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Thanks Keagan, that’s really interesting. I suppose it comes down to wild animals having to rely on their senses for their survival, whereras most humans don’t have that need. As you say, we don’t appreciate our sensory powers.

That’s the best thing about arriving on an airstrip, e.g. at Londolozi: all one’s senses are awakened. The sound of the bush, the different smells of plants and animals, the wide horizons that please the eye, the tastes of delicious food, touching the bark of trees, porcupine spikes, flowers a.s.o. One is alert, tries to penetrate the bush with one’s eyes to detect an animal. It’s such different world from the sterile computer world of international big cities and workplaces.
A great blog, Keagan.

Good story Keagan, and I will certainly open up my senses to everything around me. Much is taken for granted, and just think if we cannot see, smell or touch anymore. Much appreciated your blog and waiting for the next one.

What a fascinating post Keagan. I’m looking forward to part II where you explore some of the senses we share and how we similarly use them. The senses are something I take for granted until one goes out of commission such as smell or seeing and then I think about what it would be like to lose all or part of one – interesting.

This is a brilliant post Keagan, and I look forward to the series as it unfolds!

Keagan, sense or sentient being in nature and calming oneself is the best way for me to reconnect with everything around me and myself. Thank you for reminding me to simply slow down.

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