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Nhlanguleni 3:2 Female

Nhlanguleni 3:2 Female

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Maxim's 5:3 Male

Maxim's 5:3 Male

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Ximungwe 5:3 Female

Ximungwe 5:3 Female

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Chris Kane-Berman (Stoff) first visited Londolozi in 1987 and joined the Londolozi Ranging team in 1991. He guided for five years before being promoted to Head Ranger. He held this position for two years before taking up a full-time management position. During this ...

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on The Week In Pictures #613

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Ok Stoff, you captured my heart with the Ndzenga male gazing at his young cub. I especially like the fact you converted it to b/w. It was rather poignant to see the Nhlanguleni with her cubs knowing they’re now gone – such is the life of a female leopard trying to survive whilst raising cubs. I enjoyed all of your images and presumed you didn’t use auto ISO since your settings were quite low. Thank you for sharing your photos.

I knew Nkoveni’s cubs were gone. But when did Nhlanguleni’s disappear?

One survived but the other presumably was killed by a hyena.

What a beautiful collection! Between the Marico sunbird, oriole, mongoose and giraffe silhouette, I can’t choose a favorite! You’ve definitely honed your craft. Thank you for sharing these with us.

This week’s favorite image was much easier to decide than prior weeks simply because it is first, an excellent image, and secondly, an image that is rarely captured. The upside down male lion looking at his cub is just an amazing image. Well done

Oh all the colors! But still, all those wild dog pups is my fave 🙂

I loved your images! All the birds and, of course, Nhlanguleni and her cubs!! Keeping a camera with you at all times is really the only way to live at Londolozi. I’m jealous!

Digital Tracker

All the bird pics are absolutely EXQUISITE!!! So beautiful! I particularly love the white fronted bee eater pic and the mongoose. Fantastic guys!

Master Tracker

Wowzer , those are some seriously good photos

I love all your pictures, they are fantastic. The birds are so colorful, brilliant.
Even the crocodile looks somewhat friendly in this beautiful afternoon light.

Denise V beat me to it on the Ndzenga photo. I’d also call out the blushing ostrich pic as impressive.

Mmmmm…. It is like savoring a great feast. Thank you!

Stoff, my favorite picture this week is the Ndzenga male on his back looking at his cub. Great shot,

Stof your foto’s are beautiful and the colours are absolutely stunning. You are definitely a very good photographer and thanks for sharing your foto’s. My favorite is the Nhlanguleni female with the one cub in front of her. I must add the Ntsevu young male lion is a very handsome male. Sunbird displaying their plumage is to die for. Your are so privileged to stay there and be able to take such amazing fotos.

Not easy to pick a favorite. They are all so grand. But in the interest of all that Londolozi has to offer my selection is the Dwarf Mongoose. So rare I see one this clear and close up. Great job.

Brilliant TWIP Stoff!! Glad you were able to get back out into the bushveld to capture these amazing animals is such an intimate way. And the sheer variety of subjects and settings is breathtaking!

Stoff, It’s great to see you on the blog and it was GREAT to see you in peron and spend some time on our recent visit! The transformation of Founders Camp is incredible and we were amazed at the attention to detail in every corner. Bravo, bravo to all!
The diverse set of images you shared this week are amazing, especial the pups – we just missed them when we were there! All of your images are special in their own way and we would love to see you be able to get out there more often! 😉

Great pictures Stoff. Managed to get one of my own of the Nhlanguleni cub thanks to your lens! Sorry I missed you on the last day. See you next time. Cheers!

Lots of Excellent photos! A Unique one for me and a standout is the Ndzenga that has rolled on its back and looking at the youngster.

We were fortunate enough to see the wild dogs and their 19 pups last week and it was such a treat! Amazing experience that I hope all who were there got to enjoy.

Wow Stoff! These are breathtaking! Thank you for taking time out of the boardroom to capture and share these with us.

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