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Robbie developed a passion for the African bush from many visits to his family’s small holding in a greater conservancy just outside Johannesburg. Living in the big city his whole life, he always found refuge in the outdoors and has grown to appreciate ...

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on It’s Raining Pangolins!

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Incredible! We were there last year for the mating pangolin sighting and the single sighting two days later. And yet again this year were the two sightings alongside the road August 7 & 15. So exciting to see these resilient creatures!

I honestly had the best imaginable time at Londolozi for more than a week with incredible sightings.
But seeing a pangolin, though very high on my bucket list, has not been among them.
Maybe next time. One never knows.
Anyway the photos are great and the video of the pangolin walking right into one guest is just fabulous.

Robbie, We felt very lucky to see a pangolin on our recent visit as we know how rare that is! Your predicting of sightings during this period makes sense and maybe the sightings are a sign that more sightings in that area of Londolozi might increase. We can tell you that the pangolin jewelry in the boutique sold out quickly to the guests who saw one!

Good Stuff Robert. Incredible picture of a Mother and her Pup. After all who doesn’t want to live at Londolozi. I know I would

Extraordinary! And it’s good to see at least one species not being crushed by the climate emergency!

Robert, thank you for the update on the pangolins. One of natures unusual creatures adapted for survival of millennium .

Wonderful sightings of this rare and gentle creature

Robbie that is so beautiful to see them thriving at Londolozi. The video is incredible to watch and the photo of the mother and pup is precious and priceless. Anyone seeing seeing these illusive animals are absolutely lucky and privileged.

This is such a cool development Robert! I remember the sighting of the two pangolins mating last year, and great to see that you have now likely encountered their offspring! Looking forward to more sightings and information of these very cool, but reclusive creatures!!

Such exciting news Robbie about the Pangolin sightings. For such a unique and endangered animal, a sighting is truly at the top of any safari guest. Whilst not in Londolozi this past April, I finally filled my bucket with sightings of both a Pangolin and Aardvark. Just goes to show that patience can yield amazing results. Terrific images by you and fellow rangers!

I thought seeing bush babies, chameleons, and a dung beatle last September was darn fantastic but these, pangolins, have me yearning to get back to Londolozi.

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