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Nick has always loved the outdoors and never turns down an opportunity for an adventure. After finishing high school in Johannesburg, where he grew up, Nick spent a gap year in the Zimbabwean bushveld which truly sparked his love for wildlife and conservation ...

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on The Secretary Bird vs. The Nightjar, with an Unexpected Twist

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First – The blog title GOT my attention, and then the photos! I am speechless! Wow – Truly Incredible sighting! And truely well done to the photographer!

Thank You Gawie! I was in the right place at the right time!

Famtastic photos Nick!

Thank You Vin!

Senior Digital Ranger

Awesome photography! I think I would have been too stunned to shoot!!!

Thank You Camille! Fortunately I was so focused on capturing the Nightjar in the Beak of the Secretary bird that when the Tawny Eagle arrived my camera was up and ready!

Crazy! Great shots! Interesting bird(s)…maybe the Nightjar needs to take up sleeping somewhere else?!

Thank You Anita. Bad luck for the nightjar on this occasion, but a rare sighting indeed!

Wow! Incredible sighting Nick, and even more incredible images. You really captured the moment for us in your writing and photos. Bravo!!

Thank You, Paul.

Nick, What a great sighting and fantastic action photos! Great info on the Secretary Bird. Thanks for a great reminder of the drama that goes on with the birds – not just leopards and lions! We are missing you and Joy and can’t wait to return!

Thank You Michael and Terri! Im glad you enjoyed the information on the Secretary Bird. Joy and I look forward to it!

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow! Thank you for the pictures. I was fortunate enough when I was there to see a Secretary Bird and a Tawny Eagle. Both stunning birds. I have a wonderful picture of the tawny sitting on a branch at sunset.

Thank You Sandra, They are both epic Birds of Prey and I’m glad you managed to photograph one of them!

Nick what a fantastic sighting and your photography is absolutely stunning. I would never of thought that an eagle would swoop down and grab the nightjar out of the secretary birds grasp. That just goes to show never a dull moment in the wild.

Thank You Valmai! Exactly, there is never a dull moment in the bush and it always seems to surprise us.

What a dramatic encounter between those three birds. Fantastic photos, Nick.
There are lots of fantastic sightings out in the bush, as exciting as sightings of predators like lions or leopards.

Thank You Christa!

Great story, Nick and amazing photos!

Thank You Mary Beth

Wow Nick, what a phenomenal sighting! And your photos are fabulous.

Thank You Suzanne!

Nick, thank you for the fascinating story of the secretary bird, the night hawk and the tawny eagle. Nature is truly amazing and very oppurtunistic.

Thank You William. There are a lot of opportunistic predators and birds of prey out in the bush.

First of all, your images tell this story illustrating drama and power, so well done Nick! The Secretary bird is one of those elusive species that I’ve only seen once and not close enough to get a proper view. How amazing to not only spot this stunning bird, but witness its attack of the Nightjar, and before able to consume, loses it to the Tawny Eagle. Just another stellar moment!

Thank You Denise, It really was a stellar moment and a sighting I won’t forget. I hope you get the chance to see the Secretary bird on your next visit to Londolozi!

Senior Digital Ranger

What amazing photographs and story!
Lions, leopards and birds… oh my!!

Thank You Barbi!

What a fantastically captured scene! I love birds and only wish I’d been there to see this play out in real life. Your incredible images captured it beautifully. I may need to meditate on the symbolism of this sighting for some time.

Thank You Chelsea, My guests and I were very fortunate to witness this. I’m thrilled that you are fascinated by birds. They really are so interesting and can be really challenging to photograph which is exciting!

Interesting post and fabulous group of photos Nick! It reminded me of an experience I had while kayaking. An osprey dove into the lake for a fish and I was happy to get a good shot of it powerfully pulling up and out of the water. As the osprey is flying away suddenly a bald eagle 🦅 arrives and steals it! Thanks for this post 🤩📸 🙏🏻

Thank you Marcia. Wow! its sounds like you had an unbelievable sighting – thanks for sharing.

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