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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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on Another Incredible Sighting Of The Nkoveni Cubs- Virtual Safari #179

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Senior Digital Ranger

Sean..for the benefit of us photographers, how about showing us in detail (video) your camera mount setup. Attachment to vehicle, etc. Thanks, Jim

Hi Jim, I will try get around to a video of that soon.

Thanks Sean, certainly worth getting wet for! Nkoveni is definitely making her cubs work for their food now. Let me guess, is the more confident cub you filmed the male?

Definitely worth getting wet for. Surprisingly, no the more confident cub was the female in this case.

I watched the video on YouTube, simply adorable as only leopard cubs are! They are growing in a perfect environment, hopefully they will survive, also counting on their excellent mum.

The cubs are adorable.

Senior Digital Ranger

I hope the other leopard cub is ok. Did you see it this day?

It was seen before I got to the sighting, but I did not see it myself.

Where was your covered vehicle this morning?! There is definitely something special about the coloring of the scene in the rain! Do you think something happened to the other cub? 🙁

It would have been ideal if I went out with a roof on, at least I would have been a little less wet. No I think it was just hiding somewhere.

Thank you Sean for a wonderful video of the Novena female and one of her cubs.

You are welcome.

Short but sweet, still the sighting of Nkoveni and one of her cubs is always special. However, it looked like if the cub continued to feed and pull on the head, that carcass will end up as a free meal for the hyenas, unless mom comes to the rescue and takes it back up to secure more carefully this time. Thank you for braving the cold and rainy drive in order for us to view it today.

Yes, if the cub pulled any harder the carcass would dislodge and end up on the floor.

Hi Sean, that was so fantastic to see the Nkoveni female and her one cub. I’m sure the other one is hiding
away somewhere nearby. The cub climbed that tree with such ease and started to eat immediately. I was
worried that the impala would fall down, there was so much meat left on the carcass. The weather looked pretty gloom and wet and poor Nkoveni had to look for shelter, as so did you Sean.
Thanks that was awesome to see her on Londolozi ground, hope she stays there know.

It is always amazing to seen leopard cubs and this one was very swift to climb up the tree.

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