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Megan grew up at Londolozi, where her love for nature blossomed. With a degree in Visual Studies and Social Media Marketing, her journey came full circle when she joined the dynamic Londolozi Creative Hub, where her love for nature and visuals finds its ...

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on Serenity in the Wild: My Top Relaxation Spots at Londolozi

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Megan, you’ve covered just about every spot that I’ve enjoyed during my stays, save for the amazing experience of enjoying jaffles grilled over an open fire in a canopy lined dry riverbed or next to Marthly Pools. This is definitely a relaxing experience and one that I treasure.

Megan, relaxing in nature is a true joy, thank you for sharing some of your favorite spots.

Londolozi and all four Camps provide the utmost luxury and harmony in the wilderness. Being it on deck, or submerged in the pool or just relaxing on the comfortable beds, there is tranquility and serenity. The whole idea is getting away from the huss and buzz from the city, and take in and breathe the in fresh air, and get mezmorized with the wild animals and stunning scenery that awaits you at Londolozi.

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