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Ross was born and raised in Durban, spending many a family holiday in the northern parts of KwaZulu Natal. It is here that his love and passion for the African Bush developed. He decided to combine his love of working with people and ...

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on The Allure of Black and White Photography

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Amazing selection of b/w images to illustrate your blog. I’ve always enjoyed this medium of photography as it’s where I began when I bought my first Nikon, back in the 70’s, but somehow, like many of my photographer friends, we moved into color as it was easier to send the film off to be developed, rather than spend time in the darkroom. Now with digital, you can shoot a high contrast photo and convert to b/w quite successfully. Thanks for this interesting blog Ross.

Interesting blog, Ross. I have used some black and white in the past but usually find that color brings the bush back to me in a more immediate way. But I’m going to try converting some of my images just taken and see what happens!

Beautiful picture Ross, thank you for sharing . Black and white photograph is a skill unto itself when capturing poignant moments.

Hi, this blog is pure poetry. The magnificent pictures and the comments below are superb. Lions stay in in mind, really majestic. Also leopard’s exquisite beauty are emphasised, and you realise how big their lovely eyes are. I love the elephant calf and the giraffe too. The Eagle taken in flight is an excellent shot

Senior Digital Ranger

Black and white has saved many a photo. Besides the drama it adds to the composition, often stripping the color away takes away from distractors in the photo. Nice piece, Ross.

I agree. Black and white photography can portray such a sense of emotion and mood. I ordered a black and white print of a large elephant bull I’d photographed at Londolozi, and hung it in a white frame in my bathroom. The lack of color makes it appropriate for any decor. This is a beautiful collection.

Good b/w images Ross, digital shooting is much easier and off course quicker. But I still prefer the dark room b/w images as you can play around with the exposures and contrast quite a bit. I worked in the dark room and had ample time to experiment especially with wedding fotos and wild life fotos. I also did the colour enlargements in the dark room and developing of b/w film. Your image of the Ndzanzeni female is absolutely beautiful and contrast is perfect. The male lion image tells a story if you look deep into those eyes, and look at all the scars on his face, makes you wonder how he has made it up until know.

Amazing photos, Ross.
I especially love the one of the tracks.

Wow such stunning photos and really interesting reading! thanks Ross

Stunning selection of images, Ross! All the variety of subject, context, structure, texture, shadow, and light… really brilliant!! Thanks so much for the beautiful post, and I will check out the Fine Arts pages for sure!!

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