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Patrick was born and raised in Johannesburg and from a young age dreamt about living in the bush. He grew up going on family holidays to Madikwe in the North West where his passion grew. After high school Patrick went to the Eastern ...

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on The Week in Pictures #604

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You’ve posted a wonderful collection of images this week and my two favorites are the Xinzele young female as well as the elephant’s eye. Albeit cold, it looks like winter has been good for everyone-rangers, guests and animals.

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful pictures. My favorites are White-faced Owl and the Elephant eye.

Patrick, Thanks for a fantastic set of images! It was hard to pick just one, but we pick the Skorro Young Male shot!

Patrick, great photos this week. My favorite is the buffalo Bull in the tall grass. It is a magnificent shot.

Wonderful photos, Patrick. I love the one of the White Faced Owl best. It’s so beautiful and photos of owls are quite rare.
It’s good to know that the Skort young male is still around and in fine condition, considering all the competition from other male lions.

I never tire of seeing an elephant eye. I read somewhere about the thrill of having a whale look at you, seeing you, being seen by such a sentient being. That is how I feel when an elephant looks at me: SEEN. And on the few occasions when I have been fortunate enough to be so seen, I have wept with joy.

Great TWIP Patrick! So many wonderful images to choose from, I can’t possibly pick!!

While I’m not a big buffalo fan, I love the buffalo bull photo along with the white-faced owl. And Keep It Cool for us US travelers, as we’ll be there August 5.

Hi Patrick, quite a diverse group of images this week. My favorite is the White faced owl and secondly the elephants beautiful eye. You are right about looking into their soul by looking into their eyes. The owl is beautifully perched on a branch. It is getting cold and the mornings and early evenings are really chilly.

Digital Tracker

Great pics. The wildebeest is my fave! 🙌🏻

Great pictures Pat, enjoyed this week’s pictures! The Xinzele Female’s daughter will only be named once she is territorial right? Will it be coordinated with your neighbors to the north like the Makhomsava Female’s moniker was do you know?

Senior Digital Ranger

What a lovely set of photos – thank you Pat. The winter light is indeed amazing. My favourites this week are the Ntsevu cub and the brown-hooded kingfisher.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for the nice collection of winter photos. My favorite is the cheetah because he is looking directly at the camera. It seems to me they are usually looking in the distance in most photos.

Senior Digital Ranger

Excellent collection, Patrick. Really good “eye glint” on a couple. I’m over the moon with the possibility of seeing the cheetah later this month. Here’s hoping he sticks around.🤞🤞🤞
I’m guessing you shot these with prime lenses? And whoah! That temperature is like 42° fahrenheit.

I particularly love the contrasting colors in the portrait of the buffalo bull, but I was also drawn to the cheetah and the Skorro male crossing the river. Wonderful collection.

Plaque Rock female shot pretty impressive! I bet as much so in color too! Love also the Ellie eye close up! Colors are wonderful in all then shots 🙂

Dear Patrick, thanks for that wonderful TWIP, great imagines, beautiful light. Perfect settings. Remembering last year with those emotions.

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