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on Exhilarating Battle Between the Ntsevu Breakaway Pride and a Herd of Buffalo- Virtual Safari #172

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Sean, fantastic video of the lions and the buffalo. Thank you for sharing even though it is hard to watch the death of the young buffalo it is necessary in the wild for the survival of all species.

Thank you, William. It was hard to watch, but with the knowledge and appreciation that the lions also need to eat it was amazing to see it all unfold.

Unbelievable Sean, with phenomenal being the operative word for this encounter! What really captured the mood of this scene were the dozens of tiny lights, reflections of the eyes of the Buffalo as they kept charging the lions. The sight and sounds, snorting and growling, brought back a memory of an evening this past April where I was witness to a similar situation, but instead of Buffalo, impalas were the prey. It’s a kaleidoscope of emotions, but ultimately as you stated, lions are carnivores and need meat, and in my gut, I’m rooting for their victory. Fantastic footage!

Thank you so much, Denise. It really was an incredible scene to be a part of, and as I say to William, it was tough to watch but just the intensity of the moment was something special.

Wow, incredible lions v. buffalo footage Sean! And super time exposure/night sky segue footage!

Thank you so much, Rob. It was an intense and amazing scene to be a part of.

Oh my goodness ! what an exhilarating experience to watch the brutal fact of the lions killing the little calf. The buffalo fought back back quite braverly, but to no avail. It was exciting and also heartbroken at the same time. Sean, how you handle taking fotos, driving, commenting on what’s going on all by yourself is extraordinary. A man of many talents I would say. Thank you for this first hand video,of this side of ruthlesss survival for the lions.

Thank you so much, Valmai. It was such a crazy scene to be in and chaotic watching everything go on while trying to operate and still capture something.

Senior Digital Ranger

So impressed with that lioness holding her own with these boys. I couldn’t tell if she snagged any of the kill or not. Also impressive to see the lengths the Buffalo always go to rescue one of their own. Death would have come quicker for that little one had they not but their efforts are heartwarming. Superb post as usual!

The lioness is certainly a feisty one. She is a lot smaller and has a tough time but at least together they are all thriving.

Really a phenomenal fight between these two species. The buffalos were very brave trying to fend off the lions and even to get that little calf back.
Such a fight is pretty dangerous for the lions as wenn, isn’t it?
What also always amazes me is that the lions work together so well to bring down some prey and when they start feeding they are so immensely aggressive against each other. Survival of the strongest indeed.
A great video, Sean. I once witnessed a nearly identical scene when lions brought down a calf and the buffalos tried to defend it and later also its mother who was also attacked by the lions. She was able to escape her calf was devoured watched by an old buffalos standing not far away from them and maybe even mourning the calf.

It really was a phenomenal scene to be a part of. It is vital fr the lions to work together in order to bring the buffalo down and fend off the others. But once the meat is on the ‘table’ it is a free for all and each to their own trying to get their fill.

Wow, that was intense! While difficult to watch, not watching doesn’t keep it from happening. Being such a young buffalo, I imagine the end came very quickly, as opposed to an adult that would have been a much longer ordeal to take down. Such is nature’s way.

It really was intense and yes not pleasant but knowing the importance for the lions survival we can appreciate it.

Incredible adventure Sean! Amazing how you always end up in the right spot!!!!

Thank you so much, Michael and Terri. We were lucky with this one, being in the dark until the take down.

Relentless enemies. The only thing better than Lion v Buffalo is Lion v Hyena.

Yes, or hyenas and wild dogs.

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