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on The Ndzhenga Coalition: What Lies Ahead as 4 becomes 2

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Senior Digital Ranger

lovely blog Barry, thank you. Such exciting lion dynamics! The weekly game drive highlights yesterday showing the encounter between the Ndzenga males and the Skorro young male was SO exciting (Sean’s interesting camera work aside). We are very glad some of the little cubs survived.

I enjoyed the update on lion dynamics. A few questions : where did the Black Dam males come from? And the Skorro male? Are the Northern Avocas gone?

So fascinating, to follow the developing dynamics, of the lion structures. It will be interesting to see, what will happen. Can’t wait for the next update. Also. The Tsalala female? Still fit ND strong? And. Still, alone?

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow another great lion story Two days in a row!!! great photos!

The lion dynamics at Londolozi is very fascinating indeed at the moment. So many different lions around. I hope that the Ntsevu cubs will survive all this competition between the different males and make it to adulthood.

Great article! Thanks for all the detailed information!

Such an interesting, intriguing blog! Lions dynamics are so fluid, always changing and only a factor of strategic moves along with some brute power would tell who’s the winner. The Plain Camp males are not portrayed here, I don’t know why I find they sometimes have quite a sinister look in their eyes, not typical of lions that are quite relaxed relying on their power. The little cubs are delightful, look healthy and it is important for the species to have a diverse genpool, so glad the Ndzengas succeeded.

Thanks for the great update Barry, We think there will be some new dynamics ahead! Very exciting1

Love this update thank you! Sad about the two males lost and really surprised how long they hung in there🫶🏽 Hopeful for the remaining cubs!

Barry very interesting to see the change of the dynamics of the Lions. Sean’s video yesterday showed the Black dam chasing the intruder off. So many lions, one will have to keep track of them all.

Senior Digital Ranger

Wonderful and clear rundown on who is who and what is happening. I was so glad to hear the Birmingham’s offspring are strong and grown and hopefully we can follow their pride and Cubs in the future! Sad about the Ndzhenga males and I think we all knew where this was eventually headed. I hope the two strong will indeed be able to see their offspring to adulthood.

Thanks for the update on the lion population in and bordering the property. Following Sean’s video yesterday, it seems the Black Dam males are looking for more territory, but they will need to remain alert as there are others also looking for a new place to settle. It is quite amazing that the Ndhzenga male that was gored, survived for such a long time, but then, it seems in the animal world, injuries do seem to heal quickly without lasting affects. Following the lion stories is exciting as it seems their interactions are more volatile than the leopards until it isn’t.

Thank you for the update. I have been wondering what happened to the two missing males. Do you have any update on the Birmingham males? Deceased? Moved to a different area?

Thanks Barry, for that excellent updaye on the lion dynamics at Londolozi, Sorry for the question but I can never get enough info on this subject!! You mention the Nkuhuma male teaming up wit the Talamati young males. As he was previously teamed up with the last Birmingham, his father or uncle, does this latest development indicate the demise or loss of my favourite photographic subject (the last Birmingham).

Senior Digital Ranger

Love hearing about the lion dynamics on Londolozi it’s always my favourite blog. Thank you, I look forward to the next update.

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow! What dynamics run through the Lion Prides… the rise & fall of kings… thank you for the insight and the game drive if last week between the 2 prides. Always exciting to watch

Barry, thank you for the update. Changing dynamics continue to favor the strong for sure.

I’m a big fan of the Ndhzengas, I’ve followed them for years. There not the biggest and there are only two now but they have proven themselves before, handling both the Birmingham boys and the Northern Avocas to gain central Sabi Sands. I think we have a good few years in them left and I wish them all the best. Glad to see all their wee cubs, their legacy will live on.

The life cycle of a male lion is so brutal. The good few years as a cub learning to hunt, play and fight where they are vulnerable to other lions, hyenas and even venomous snakes, with loving mothers and aunts with strong, protective dads and uncles. To the ‘betrayal’ where they are hunted from their loving family as sub adults to fend for there selves. To living as kings with their own prides and children to fend for, but no matter how big and strong a coalition is you get old and weak one of those days. The psychological horror of being defeated and having your lovely pride and children slaughtered. To the second nomadic journey of starvation.

Their life is filled with so much hardship. I have so much respect and admiration for lions. They truly are the king of beasts.

Thanks so much for this run-down Barry! Interesting times ahead for sure!

Thanks for the update! I, too, and curious about the whereabouts of the remaining Birmingham male. Is it possible that some of the 21 Ndzhenga fathered cubs were born to the Ntsevu lionesses that were born in 2018 or 2019? I’m curious about what will happen to the female subadult who is still hanging with her brothers. I wonder if she will try to rejoin her pride. Surely she won’t stick around with them due to genetics. And of course we all want to know if the Tsalala female has had cubs yet–still keeping paws crossed for her!

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