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Xinzele 4:4 Female

Xinzele 4:4 Female

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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Playful Leopards Tackle and Wrestle All Morning- Virtual Safari #169

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Wonderful video, thanks Sean. BUT I really don’t like the subtitles – I love watching these weekly videos on a decent size full screen, and having the text at the bottom is really distracting. And of course it can’t cope with leopard names and many other words too (eg “her cub had been left in a bin” instead of den!

Hi Suzanne, thank you very much. The Subtitles will be a setting on your side. When you start playing the video, ensure that the little icon at the bottom of the playscreen that has a rectangle with CC in it, is not selected. If that is selected then YouTube or Vimeo create captions for the video. This icon is next to the little gear cog for settings.

Thanks for that, Sean – no idea how that got selected but it’s now back to normal. I’m glad it’s my desktop and not a new video idea!
I’ve never seen the Xinzele female but hopefully when I come back in November she will still be in the same area,and still with her daughter.

I am glad it is all resolved.

Hopefully, you get to see the both of them on your next trip.

Great video, Sean. It’s fantastic, how many young leopards you have at Londolozi.
It is really great fun to watch this mother and daughter couple play with and jump and chase each other.

Thank you so much, Christa. We are spoilt with the young and entertaining leopards at the moment.

What a fantastic Sunday morning virtual safari today. It was so much fun watching Xinzele and her daughter playing; tackling one another, climbing up into the trees and stalking. They’re a beautiful mother/daughter combination and I was thrilled to see them in April! Until next week…

Thank you so much, Denise. They are a beautiful couple of leopards. I am so glad that you got to see them.

Senior Digital Ranger

What amazing video!

Thank you so much, Sandra. It was such an amazing sighting and a privilege to be able to share with everyone.

Hi Sean, that was a fantastic video of the Xinzele female and her cub playing and chasing each other. So wonderful to see them being so playful and quite at home jumping up and down the tree. I heard the Natal Franklin in the background, we also have them here in our reserve. So fantastic to see the leopards in their natural habitat.

Thank you so much, Valmai. I am glad you enjoyed it. Yes, there a number of bird calls that I am sure you could recognise there.

These kinds of sightings are pure gold….and so instructive to us on the hidden lives of leopards. Dare I say it: Play ISN’T just for hunting training….Play is also just plain FUN!

They really are pure gold and I agree with the sentiment that sometimes play is just play.

Senior Digital Ranger

Great video. Very special

Thank you so much, Mark.

Sean, wonderful video of the mother leopard and her cub.

Thank you so much, William.

This video is the most relaxing, funniest and sweetest thing I could wish for. Leopards have a special place in my heart. I find this young lady very beautiful. Every time I see her or the Ntomi male I am particularly struck

It was a relaxing video. She is a very pretty young female leopard.

Love these videos and Sean is terrific. I’ve been working on my husband to make the trip to Londolozi!

Hi Linda, thank you so much. Keep working on your husband and hopefully we will see you here soon.

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