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Mashaba 3:3 Female

Mashaba 3:3 Female

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on Finally We Get To See The Mashaba Female- Virtual Safari #168

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Senior Digital Ranger

Interesting update Sean, hopefully she sticks around a bit longer. She is definitely a beautiful, girl.

We hope she does stick around and maybe raise at least one more litter to independence.

Hi Sean, that was a big surprise to see the Mashaba female. I was just thinking of her last week and thought we had not seen her for quite sometime. She is looking good for an old leopard. Pity she has moved up so much, know we won’t be able to see her so much. Do you think she is pregnant? I know she has not had much success with raising cubs.

We sadly do not see her often and so it was great that we had the opportunity to see her. It was difficult to tell as she had a full belly and the grass was long. If we see any further signs that she is pregnant we will let you know.

Thanks, Sean, for this video about the Mashaba Female. I enjoyed it very much. I had been wondering whether or not this great leopardess was still alive. It’s good to hear that she is fine and still in very good condition.
It’s amazing how green the landscape of Londolozi still is with the long grass and obviously still a lot of water though winter will soon be on your doorstep.

Thankfully she is still alive and well.

What a surprise today! I was waiting to read news about her… She looks in excellent conditions for her age, good teeth, coat, ears and so on… I know that one day she will not be there any longer, but I do hope this time will come as late as possible! Luckily the Sunset bend lineage goes on.

I think we all are secretly hoping that this will come as late as possible.

Our girl looking stellar! She only raised two cubs to maturity but the story for me is the impact of those two: they raised 5 additional leopards as her grandchildren (and counting). Also interesting now how Xiomungwye (sp) and Nkoveni also moving farther afield. Thanks for the visit today.

This is very true. She has only raised two females, but the viewing we have had as a result is phenomenal.

Sean, Thanks for making the long trek south to find Mashaba. She is our favorite and we have known her since she was Vomba Young Female! Hope to see her on our next visit!

You are welcome. I hope you do manage to find her on your next visit.

Hi Sean, how fantastic to see Mashaba looking well and healthy. Although you can see age in her face and tattered ears, she looks amazing for 15. If in fact she’s pregnant, I would think it would be difficult for her to raise cubs, all the while having to continue to hunt whilst keeping them safe. Saying this however, if any leopard could do this at 15, it would be her. Thanks for sharing your time with her.

She is looking great. Yes, it will be a challenge to raise cubs at her age but is not impossible.

Sean, thank you for sharing the video of the Mashaba female.. It is good to see that she is in such great condition and enjoying the remainder of her life.

You are most welcome, William. It is great to see that she is still doing well.

Senior Digital Ranger

Wonderful to see her 🙂 Such a magnificent leopard. I’ve been wondering what it happened to her and I’m glad she’s OK. It does make me sad that she might be pregnant again because it’s hard to see those babies and know their chances are very slim. But thank you for finding her and sharing this beautiful footage with us.

She really is a magnificent leopard. I hope she is able to raise at least one more cub before she passes on.

Senior Digital Ranger

Excellent discussion. I didn’t realize that leopards changed behavior with age. Good job!

Yes, leopards will often shift territory slightly, this could be either to accommodate their independent daughters as they cede territory to them, or because there is additional pressure from younger fitter females moving into the area.

Wonderful post Sean! Wishing the Mashaba female the very best always!

Thank you, Paul. We wish her the best of luck too.

Really really happy to see Mashaba looking healthy and fit. We saw her in Aug 2019, and she will always be a favorite of mine!

It was great to see the Mashaba Female, and fantastic news that she was in such good condition.

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