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on Male Lions Wade Into Crocodile Infested Water While Elephants Watch- Virtual Safari #165

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Senior Digital Ranger

What a lucky day to be able to see the lions crossing the Sand River! Love the way he chickened out and gave you even more time for shots “in” the river. I can’t believe how high the river is still, after the rains. I can’t wait til July.

It was a great scene to to witness.

Wonderful footage Sean, stunning foto’s as well that you took. I don’t know these two Black dam males, but they are majestic. There is going to be a fight with the male lions already on Londolozi. Loved the footage of the elephants in the back ground. There is something mesmerizing about lions crossing the river.

Thank you so much, Valmai. They are young but impressive males.

I loved your video today Sean, seeing these two new lions checking out the property in the search for the female lionesses. It was quite apparent that there is a significant age difference between the two males – could one be from a different female in the pride and born later? It’s always interesting to watch big cats cross water, their expression indicating that it’s not comfortable.

Thank you so much, Denise. I think there is about a year difference in age and from different mothers.

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow! The sand river really is fun. I’m amazed. Photos and videos of lions were exceptional!

Thank you so much, Paul. It was such a phenomenal scene.

Wow, Sean, what an amazing afternoon with these lions and the elephants and the crocodiles in the river.
How lucky your guests were to have been able to watch these scenes first hand.
If they could, would crocodiles attack such big lions? It was quite clear that the lions were very nervous indeed while crossing the river. Great Video! Thanks

It really was an amazing scene. Crocodiles would go after a lion if it could get close enough.

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful footage. These lions seem so young-so healthy and handsome. I worry about them with the Ndzhenga males. I also have hope that they will succeed in finding territory at Londolozi.

The lions are young and healthy and looking in fantastic condition. I believe that they have already had a clash with the Ndzhenga Males and left one of them injured.

Great footage of the Black Dam Males, they look in great condition. I have been expecting a BIG change in lion dynamics ever since I heard of their arrival.

Scent marking in Ndhzenga territory is a very bold move. The Ndhengas aren’t the biggest but even with the death of Ubuso and with the badly wounded one I think they are too much for the Black Dam Males.

The Ndhzengas were able to chase away the Birmingham Boys and Avocas back in the day. S8 Imbali male has been chasing the 2 Black Dam Males around all by himself from what I’ve heard.

They are in great condition. I am sure things will change at some point in the future. The Black Dam Males are growing in confidence and so I am sure it is not too far out before there is a big clash. who comes out on top will be anyones guess.

Superb video! It is as exciting as the best documentaries. The Black Dam Males look very handsome and powerful, I lost myself into the description of all male coalitions, it is quite a challenge! I guess lionesses and young lions will always be on the edge with such a dynamic change in dominant males. The life of a lioness is one of the most difficult and hard ones, but the fall of dominant males and the coming of new ones is necessary for genetic diversity. Spectacular

Thank you so much, Francesca. The dynamics can be confusing and ever-changing but as you say vital for survival and genetic diversity.

Thank you Sean for the beautiful video.

Super cool video of the lions crossing the river Sean! I half expected the lions to have to fend off or avoid a croc, but luckily for them, all went smoothly!

Thank you so much, Paul. It was an awesome scene. Luckily all went smoothly.

Most certainly a bucket list sighting! These boys are making ripples throughout the Sabi Sand right now….and no doubt much more to come.

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