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Thumbela 4:3 Female

Thumbela 4:3 Female

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Nsuku 2:3 Male

Nsuku 2:3 Male

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Ntomi 3:3 Male

Ntomi 3:3 Male

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Xinzele 4:4 Female

Xinzele 4:4 Female

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After a few years of working in the world of economic consulting, Kate’s love of adventure, wilderness and sense of curiosity led her to move away from the city and join the Londolozi guiding team. It was amidst her years of studying politics, ...

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Senior Digital Ranger

Wonderful pictures. i would have to say the mother waterbuck and her calf is my favorite.

Thanks Sandra!

The giraffe in photo 19 looks like it has braces on its bottom teeth! And the kingfisher on the concrete post is impressively framed. Both, beautiful photographs.

Thanks Willa, I know the expression caught of the giraffe is very comical!

You’ve compiled a terrific group of images for TWIP and after scrolling through a couple of times, I favor the Giant Kingfisher with his tilipia catch as there’s so much detail.
Also a note for the creative hub, I’ve seen Ntomi male and clicked yes, but it doesn’t register. Thanx!

Thanks very much Denise! I’ve passed on the message to the team to check the website – thanks.

Great collection as always! The young waterbuck and mother is truly warm hearting. How did you know that the Three Rivers young male leopard was “mischievous and curious,” rather than on the hunt?
And as far the Giant female Kingfisher, her bite is definitely bigger than her bark!

Thanks Michael! We found him resting on the termite mound, rather full-bellied, and knowing his nature at that age (a young leopard still honing in on some of his hunting skills), he was eyeing out a herd of impala too far in the distance to actively ‘hunt’. But even though they were far away it did not stop him from jumping in and out of ‘stalking mode’ as he milled about the termite mound.

Thank you! That makes total sense!

What a wonderful week of sightings and photos! The Giant Kingfisher is my favorite hands down! Kate captured that amazing action moment of both bird and fish that every photographer hopes for! Bravo!

Thank you Mary Beth!

The cheetah mother with her two cubs is a beautiful shot! The mother Waterbuck and her calf is also quite special. Thanks for posting! 🤩📸👍

Thank you Marcia!

I think the ellies at the water hole is my fave followed by the mom waterbuck and calf 🙂

Thanks Anita!

What stunning images this week in TWIP. My favorite this week is the image of the waterbuck mother and her calf, they are my ultimate favorite antelope. Secondly would be the Tsalala female, with her full belly. She is fighter and with all the odds against her she has made it.

Thanks very much Valmai! I agree – she is such a beautiful lioness.

I really enjoy this blog! & photos!

Thanks Kathie!

I love your pictures, Kate and the ones by Nick as well. Great!

Thanks Christa!

All pictures are too unique and full of good news and hope to pick up on, but this week I choose the hippo, as I recently watched a documentary on Zambesi River and its existence due mainly to hippos. They also were the first African animal I loved as a small child and that image is very special, the light and the fading and melting of shapes of the animal and vegetation in it. Leopards are absolutely stunning! My second choice are the cheetah mother with cubs. So rare, they have a unique fashion with their melancholic beauty and alertness. Love the Tsalala female listening. My sister ‘s choice is the giraffe bull, such an impressive guy! Plus mother waterbuck and calf, so peaceful and sweet-looking.

Thanks Francesca! Amazing – thanks for sharing.

Senior Digital Ranger

I like the Ntesevu breakaway male, lolling and relaxing for a moment. But truly, they are all quite good!

Thanks Ann – he was very full and uncomfortable taking a break from feeding!

I loved the waterbuck mama and her calf the most, but the expression on the Ntsevu breakaway male agains the buffalo kill was also entertaining. The giraffe’s teeth made me chuckle, and the kingfisher was striking! Glad to see the Tsalala female is looking so healthy. Paws crossed she finds a suitable mate.

Thanks Chelsea. Agreed – paws crossed!

Great week of pictures Nick and Kate! Exciting times ahead for the next chapter of the Tsalala Pride if the lioness is indeed coming into estrus!

Thanks Michael!

Digital Tracker

Hard choice this week – but my favourites are the Giant Kingfisher and the beautiful shot of the young cheetah on the marula tree. I also really love the waterbuck and her calf. ❤️❤️

Thanks Carly!

Kate, Thanks for a totally awesome sit of images this week! If you are still collecting favorites, we loved the one of the Talamati Lioness in the straw grass!

Thanks Kate for the wonderful pictures. The young male cheetah on the fallen macula tree is my favorite.

The kingfisher is my favourite! But I do think the leopard munching on the tail is pretty cool too!

Leopards, Tsalala and Talamatis! A purrfect combo of cats for this week’s photos!

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