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Xinzele 4:4 Female

Xinzele 4:4 Female

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Growing up in the small coastal town of Mtunzini afforded Matt a childhood of endless adventures and the freedom to explore the rich diversity of animal and plant life in the area. He thus developed his passion for wildlife at a young age. ...

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on The Mysterious And Elusive Leopard Cub From The North

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Senior Digital Ranger

What a beautiful leopard!

So exciting for you, Matt! We hope to see her too when we’re there next month. Her mom was pregnant with her during our visit last year, so spotting her will be a first for us.

Nice reporting Matt on the sighting of the Xinzele female with her kill and ultimately the reunion of mother and daughter as you followed her. I last saw Xinzele two years ago and so when the radio announced she had been sighted with a kill, but alone, we decided to drive to Marthly in the afternoon in the hopes of seeing the two together. We were rewarded as the two of them arrived at the Marula tree just as we drove in – what an incredible sight to watch the two of them climb the tree, Xinzele’s daughter racing up to the kill. That afternoon was truly magical!!

Senior Digital Ranger

And what a beautiful leopard she is indeed!

I have goosebumps! Videos and pictures are breathtaking. The Picture of the Year this young female, she’s so incredibly beautiful with her emerald green eyes and exquisite coat and face. How calm and confident she was towards you, even if she saw you after a year… the pure magic of those animals who once were revered as gods (for example in Etruria)

Digital Ranger

Hi Matt! Have not heard or seen much of the Mashaba leopardess? She was for a long time the most seen…has she moved off? Thanks in advance, Linda

Incredibly fortuitous sighting Matt! I love the way you set this post up – very suspenseful and I felt as if I was right there with you guys as you followed Xinzele female from her perch with her kill in the Marula tree, along the way north, and finally the payoff with the reunion with her cub. Just beautiful!!

Senior Digital Ranger

She is so beautiful! The intensity in her eyes is intriguing. Great photos and video. 👏🏾🙏🏿

Sooooooo happy to know that Xinzele’s little one is still alive and well! And now thinking about this… there any possibility that this cub could be Hosana’s??? That would be extremely exciting news!!

Matt, what a wonderful sighting for you and Terrence! I’ve never seen Xinzele….maybe I’ll get lucky when I come back in November.

Beautiful and very unique looking leopards! You don’t have the usual ‘stat box’ for the Xinzele female…she looks older with her ears…do we know how old she is?

Matt she is a beautiful leopardess. She is not often sighted and I am so glad you took foto’s of here. Happy to know her cub is with her and hope to see more of them both.

Wow, this is really exciting. She is indeed an extremely beautiful young female leopard.
Wonderful that her mother has been able to raise her and looked after her so well.
I hope that we will hear about her more often and that she might stay on Londolozi’s grounds more often.

Matt, great patience for you and Terrence. Lovely pictures of the cub and the Xinzele female.

What a lovely reunion. Glad to see they are both doing well and looking beautiful as ever!

Fabulous to read! Can’t wait until I return and am able to witness beautiful events like this for myself!

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