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Three Rivers 2:3 Young Male

Three Rivers 2:3 Young Male

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Xinzele 4:4 Female

Xinzele 4:4 Female

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Nhlanguleni 3:2 Female

Nhlanguleni 3:2 Female

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Flat Rock 3:2 Male

Flat Rock 3:2 Male

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Kirst Joscelyne


At less than a year old, Kirst went to her family’s hut in the Greater Kruger National Park, and has been fortunate enough to continue to go there ever since. Sharing a passion for the bush with her family, led to countless trips ...

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Stunning pictures, Kirst. I couldn’t say which I like best, they are all so wonderful.
A question regarding this albino buffalo calf: is it in particular danger because it can be seen from far away by lions etc or does the herd reject it?

Thank you Christa. You are right about both of your observations. Due to the abnormality within the herd, it can be at risk of being rejected by the herd as well as its white cot reflects more light, therefore, making it more vulnerable to predation.

Dear Kirst
Thanks for your reply.
I just wonder about the points one gets for taking part in the discussions. During the whole of April, I didn’t get any points (or nearly none) for taking part. And now it seems to be the same with May. Why is this the case? Do you, or anybody else know?

Hi Christa, We did a big update of the blog and there were a few gremlins which we came across and the points allocation was one of them. We are working on the reallocation of historical points during this time and will hopefully have it resolved soon.

Senior Digital Ranger

great pictures!

Thank you Dina!

Senior Digital Ranger

So many wonderful pictures. Makes it vey hard to choose!

Thank you Sandra, was a great week in the bush for sure!

wonderful set of images to end the week. Thank you

Thank you Susan!

Senior Digital Ranger

Great photos, Kirst. Thanks.

Thank you Dave!

Is the albino buffalo calf in particular danger relative to other calves?

Unfortunately, the leucistic buffalo calf is more vulnerable to predation due to its white coat reflecting light more as well as to the rest of the buffalo herd.

Amazing photos. I can’t wait to come back to Londolozi!!

Thanks David, we can’t wait to welcome you all back to Londolozi!

I always enjoy seeing photos of the African birds; the malachite kingfisher and the bee eaters are spectacular. Thanks.

Thank you Doug, it always amazes me the colours and contrasts of the birds and their feathers.

Senior Digital Ranger

Great Roundup Kirst. Nice compositions. Love that closeup of the young calf’s face. So cute!

Thank you Ann, was a great week in the bush.

So, the most resonating photos for me are the zebra mane, elephant group and white-fronted bee eaters. Most eclectic grouping, Kirst. Enjoyed it.

Thank you Willa.

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow! What a great week!
Beautiful photos and live all the colors!

Thank you Barbi! Always a great time in the bush just before winter kicks in.

Master Tracker

Oh wowzer, a bumper crop of superb leopard photos , may I just say how good the butterfly photo is

Ian thank you so much. It was amazing spending time with these butterflies.

Awesome TWIP Kirst! So thrilled Xinzele’s cub is doing so well! Never seen an albino Buffalo before wow!

Thank you Tracey. I must say I have seen very little of the Xinele young female so was great to spend time with both of these two leopards! It was definitely a first for me too.

The little kingfisher is my fave this week…so cute and colorful and I love the off center shot!

Thank you Anita!

Kirst you have given us a variety of animals to choose from, so difficult to just pick one. The colorful Malachite is special and can even see some drops of water on it’s front side. So clever of the Zebra to stand parallel to one another, checking for predators and off course resting their heads. So special the albino buffalo calf, never seen that before. Tiny elephant calf to precious for words.

Thank you Valmai. I was fortunate that the zebra came quite close to us and bent down to graze to get a parallel picture.

So many beautiful images this week with great details and colors. I spotted a recently fledged leucistic house finch on my bird feeder this week so this must be the season for uncommon white baby animals. The kingfisher was absolutely stunning!

Thanks Chelsea, it is great to see the uncommon and rare animals.

Kirst, the shot of the Malachite Kingfisher is spectacular. But, my favorite this week has to be the discovery shot of the albino buffalo. Just to see it alive is a momentous occasion . Please forward all the pictures you are able to over the next few weeks as the buffalo struggles to survive. Hoping for the best.

It was certainly a surprise for us too out there. I’m sure they will be a follow-up blog on the story of the leucistic buffalo.

Some great images, Kirst! I love the young
cheetah’s stare into the camera and the sweet baby elephant with mom and sib. But the malachite kingfisher is a stunner and my fav!

Hi Kirst, all pictures are superb and most even special and unique. On an emotional side my first pick are the African monarch butterflies. Insects are disregarded, yet they are so important, the number of mammals is insignificant in comparison and they are our life savers. But those butterflies are also sooo amazingly beautiful. I’m bewitched. I could comment one picture after the other and their peculiarities but meant to tell you that I have known of many different albino animals, lately for example of barn swallow, they are as successful as others it seems. Not many enough to tell definitely. The look of the lion cub under his mum’s big foot (my sister s choice)the Nhlanguleni female “with make-up ” and the sweet zebras and elephants are something, along with the fierce yet alert cheetah…

I couldn’t agree with you more Francesca about the butterflies. There must have been hundreds of them all in this area which was amazing to sit with and watch with their striking colours. Unfortunately, the white buffalo is more vulnerable to the rest in the large herd of buffalos as well to predation. Thank you for all the comments.

Thank you Mary Beth!

Kirst, absolutely love the zebra mane shot!!

Thanks Kathie, this zebra came quite close to us and bent down to graze.

Another stunner of TWIP Kirst! The variety of subject and content never ceases to amaze. Hard to pick a favorite, as there are so many wonderful images!!

Thanks Paul. It has been an amazing time in the bush before the winter comes.

A really beautiful and diversified portfolio of pictures and a great accompanying narrative that really enhances the whole experience of TWIP.

Thank you so much Darryl.

You’ve put together an extraordinary TWIP Kirst. Some I recognize from my time there, including the baby elephant being guided by its mother, my favorite this week. However, I’m torn as your Malachite kingfisher is amazing, as I love the water droplets on its breast! Stunning images, fantastic week of brilliant sightings, and incredible driving skills in order to capture some of these photographs. Thanks for sharing the experiences!

Thanks Denise! What a wonderful week of sightings we had! I’m sure you have some great pictures too!

Wonderful TWIP, Kirst. Hard to choose one – several have gone into my “favourites ” – but I particularly love the baby elephant and seemingly contortionist Xinzele female .

Thank you Suzanne!


Senior Digital Ranger

What a wonderful TWIP Kirsten, stunning collection of pictures. I am not able to pick one photo – they are all splendid. For JR though, the Flat Rock male was undoubtedly his favourite – we’d haven’t seen him on the last couple trips and he was worried he’d disappeared.

Thank you, Jane and JR. We unfortunately do not see him as much as we used to so it is always exciting to find him on his territorial patrols close to the Sand River.

Senior Digital Ranger

Sorry Kirst, auto corrected your name!

Digital Tracker

Superb pics this week- but my fave is the Malachite Kingfisher. It’s absolutely stunning! I also LOVE the butterflies, the elephant with her bub and the cheetah staring down the lens. So beautiful!

Thank you so much Carly. The colours of the small Malachite Kingfisher are impressive for sure!

Phenomenal week you had at Londolozi Kirst! And great that you all have been able to see the Xinzele Female and her cub! Her older sister, the Xidulu Female, is currently raising a young male cub also believed to have been fathered by the Tortoise Pan Male. Where did you all locate them on Marthly if you don’t mind me asking? Would love to mark it on my map to aid in getting an idea of her territory.

Also really loved the photo of the elephants and the buffalo calf, what a special little guy or gal!

Wow, the albino Buffalo cub is breathtaking. That has got to be my fave this week. Are they only more vulnerable due to being more easily spotted or would they suffer from worse sight and hearing?

Great to see that the young male Cheetah has became a regular too.

They are certainly more vulnerable to predation, especially in low light as their white coat naturally reflects light more. It is believed that their vision may be impaired as well and due to their contrast with the rest of the herd they are sometimes not accepted by them either. It has been wonderful to have this young male cheetah around for sure!

All are beautiful, but I am always a sucker for those spotty kitties (both kinds!). And the albino calf is really special, too.

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