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Robyn grew up in Johannesburg and every family holiday was spent exploring the Lowveld or camping around Southern Africa. Her love of nature and conservation propelled her to complete her Masters degree at the University of Edinburgh’s school of Geoscience. Although this gave ...

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on Hide and Seek: Exploring the Fascinating World of Animal Camouflage

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Zach Hadley

another beautiful story form londoz’. reading Boyd’s book for the third time this year. cathedral. so good. actually just passed by the part about uncle Johns class and camo and the kids and kryptek coloring. so good !
thanks again Roxy

Mark Ceres

Beautiful series. one of my favorite pictures from our 2011 visit was a leopard in the dry grass. they blend so well its amazing

William Paynter
Master Tracker

Robyn, thank you for continuing my education regarding the animals of Londolozi. Camouflage is my favorite form of deception even in humans.

Willa Stanger
Senior Digital Ranger

Superb blog, Robyn. As we’re out on safari we don’t always appreciate all the camouflaged critters.

Paul Canales
Master Tracker

Great post Robyn! Then never ending wonders of the wild never ceasing to amaze!!

Valmai Vorster
Master Tracker

Thanks Robyn for your story of the camouflaged animals. Nature is so intriguing, I can not get enough it. Animal foto’s are beautiful.

Denise Vouri
Guest contributor

Robyn, you’ve written another wonderful blog filled with fascinating information about the camouflage within animal groups. I especially enjoyed seeing the tree agama as they literally disappear into their background. Whilst out on safari, sometimes my guide will point out an animal and it takes me a few seconds to register where and what it is, true camouflage! I’m looking forward to your next article!

Chelsea Allard
Master Tracker

So many lovely and attractive examples if camouflage. Thanks for sharing.

Christa Blessing
Master Tracker

Fascinating, this ability of animals to camouflage themselves

Linda Rawles
Digital Tracker

Wow, I did not know that about cheetah cubs imitating badgers. Nature is a marvel.

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