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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on The Week In Pictures #592

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Senior Digital Ranger

wow. great photos. The cheetah photos are this weeks favorite for me

Thank you so much, Mark. We have had a fantastic week of cheetah viewing and it is so great that the photos have turned out well.

Master Tracker

Yes, we have had wildcats, cheetahs, lions, leopards …

A serval or caracal …. please

My choice for this week is the black-and-white portrait of the cheetah. It’s a pure masterwork and he’s gorgeous. The second is the Tsalala female making friends with the rhino bull, she will never cease to surprise and amuse! My sister’s n 1 is the black-and-white elephant and second the Three Rivers female with the Bushbuck. She is a great character too!

a lot of the photos this week are great and the Tsalala photo is awesome.

Spectacular shots! I love this blog and it keeps me going til I can get back to Londolozi! Always a great job by all! 🥰

Thank you so much, Dolores. I am so glad you enjoy the content we put out and that it gets you through the time away. Hopefully we see you back here again soon.

Goodness me Sean we are spoiled this week with a variety of stunning images. So many of them are astounding. My favorite this week is your image of the 2 wild dogs at sunset with the full moon in the background. That is an incredible foto. All the animal foto’s are beautiful and I quite fancied the Nkuhuma pride being together.

This week was truly an exceptional week with so many great photos to choose from.

Senior Digital Ranger

Another amazing week at Londolozi!
I love the Black & white cheetah photo and the Nkuhuma pride photo! What a beautiful group of ladies!
Thank you for sharing!

Thank you so much, Barbi. The cheetah photos this week were great.

A veritable plethora of predators Sean!! All great captures, and while I’m partial to the cheetah and the wild dogs, any image of the Tsalala Female always takes the top spot. I’m always rooting for her and her will to survive is so inspiring!

Thank you so much, Paul. well, this week the photo of the Tsalala Female is a special one with her being that close to the rhino.

Wow, great pics this week.

The Tsalala girl is always doing something entertaining, its shocking how large the rhino is next to her.

Great to see the Nkuhumas, I used to see them a lot on Wild Earth but you hardly see them at all now. I hope mighty Mohawk still claims them.

Glad to see the cheetah too as you don;t see them too often in Sabi Sands.

As much as I love the Tsalala lioness the cheetah photographed in black and white has to be my favourite this week.

Thank you so much, Tony. I agree the Tsalala Female is always doing something entertaining. And, Nick’s pic of the cheetah is amazing.

What a gorgeous shot of the Ntomi male! What happened with the kudu and the Three Rivers Female?! How flat she got is quite impressive! The hornbill shot is really great with the colors too! Another epic week!

Thank you so much, Anita. I think the kudu noticed her and ran off. It was rather ambitious of her to try and stalk the kudu.

Sean, TWIP’s is fabulous. My favorite by far is the Tsalala female looking over her shoulder saying Who Me? See what I can do sneaking up on a Rhino Bull!! Animals are truly amazing!

Thank you so much, William. Animals are truly amazing, and that is a fantastic shot of the Tsalala Female.

Digital Tracker

WOW guys!! There are way too many amazing pics this week to just choose one! 😄 My favourite is the colour photo of the cheetah on the log, followed by a close second of the black and white photo of that same cheetah, the elephant splashing the mud and the lone wild dog with its head down set amongst the beautiful grassy backdrop. Too many good ones though! Well done. Amazing sightings! ❤️

Thank you so much, Carly. Those are some great choices in a difficult week.

Great selection of photos! Particularly love the second photo of the Nkuhuma lionesses with some of their sub-adult offspring! They are such a special group of lionesses!

Thank you so much, Michael. It is great to see the Nkuhuma Pride doing so well.

Senior Digital Ranger

So fortunate to have a cheetah on site! 🤞 #100 more

It is great to have cheetah on-site at the moment and the sightings of them have been amazing.

Senior Digital Ranger


There are some fantastic shots included here so it was a difficult decision to choose one, but I decided the b/w cheetah was classically beautiful! Your wild dog in front of moon was equally stunning….

Thank you so much, Denise. The shot of the cheetah is a great one.

I loved the ground hornbill–it was just so unexpected. Loved all the interaction between predators and other animals though. The Tsalala lioness would have had another thing coming if that rhino woke to her sniffing his backside! 😂

The shot of the Southern Ground Hornbill was great. And, yes I agree she would have had another thing coming if the rhino woke up.

Stunning! Fav is Tsalala (of course) and they are all amazing.

Of course. Safe to say you love Tsalala, Susan. Thank you so much.

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow, so many fabulous story inducing images that I wish we knew the tale endings of! Hopefully that will come tomorrow or in the blog somewhere such as what happened when the rhino woke up and did the kudu ever suspect anything? Great provoking images. So glad, always to see the Tsalala lioness doing well.

There were many stories here with each image. Maybe a few of them will come out in time.

Master Tracker

Cracking photos -as always -especially the cheetah and the hornbill (bad luck for the chameleon )

Thank you so much, Ian. There were some great pics this week.

I love these photos. hope you do t mind I use them as my background on my phone. 🙂

Some fantastic shots

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