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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on A Lesson On Elephant Musth And A Sensational View Of The Xinkhova Female- Easter Virtual Safari #161

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Senior Digital Ranger

Exciting drive for sure! What “big” lens did you use? f2.8 during the side lighting?

Thank you, Ann. It was initially a fixed 600mm Canon lens. And for the side lighting, it was my standard 70-200mm f2.8 lens.

Thank you Sean for the time spent with the elephant bull, as well as explaining how musth works. It’s always exciting to see one of these big males , although you’re right about keeping a good distance, just in case.
Xinkhova is looking great and obviously is enjoying success as an independent female. I wonder if she and her sister cross paths very often, even though they are occupying different properties….

Thanks so much, Denise. For big male elephants in musth it is worth keeping your distance. I think the Xinkhova Female and Stone Drift Female do cross paths every now and then. I don’t know of there being any hostility between the two yet.

Senior Digital Ranger

great video. the backlight leopard is amazing

Thank you so much, Mark. It was a stunning scene.

Senior Digital Ranger

Sean..great leopard settings and excellent photography. Looks like Canon 1D and 600. Keep it up. Love these game drives you do. Jim

Thank you so much, Jim. It was indeed the 1DX and Fixed 600mm as well as a 70-200mm.

Senior Digital Ranger

We are in TZ yearly but your Lon blogs, etc., make it very appealing. I use 5D and 400 zoom since my 1D and 600 is just too much to haul around airports and lodges from weight and bulk standpoint. Only a couple of times each safari do I really wish I had the 600. We all would enjoy at least one video game drive per week. Again, thanks,

I think you should come and visit us after your next TZ trip. The 5D and 400mm is a good set-up to travel with but can understand how the 600mm would be a bit much to travel with. We do have a photo studio with an array of gear to hire while here so you do not have to lug yours across the world. https://photography.londolozi.com/

Happy Easter to all of you at Londolozi
What a great video again, Sean.
This leopard is so beautiful and the scene when the spotlight is illuminating her from below, is just stunning.
I remember Easter at Londolozi two years ago. What a great time that was!
A question about this system of gaining points: Is there something wrong with it? I thought every time one commented one gets 80 points??

Thank you, Christa. I am glad you enjoyed the video. Yes, we have just updated our site and there is an issue with the points system that we are aware of and working to resolve as soon as possible. All your points will reflect once we have resolved it.

I’m so glad you brought the 600mm, Sean! The starlings were absolutely superb, and to see the Xinkhova female up close and all grown up was a special treat, having seen her, with Nkoveni and the Stone Drift female, last May.

Thank you so much, Martha. The Xinkhova Female is a gorgeous leopard and it was great to have an up-close view of her.

Sean. When I did an Airplay to today’s Virtual Safari, it showed on the TV as a music file. It played the audio but not the video. I have not tried to cast other Virtual Safari’s so not sure of this issue here. I have cast many other video OK. So was wondering if it might be a setting when the video was saved to Vimeo? I know nothing about that but was just wondering. The safari played and viewed fine on my iPad.

Hi Donald, I have not heard of that happening to anyone else before. I will look into it from our side and see if there is anything we can do here. Maybe try to refresh the connection and wifi again and see if still gives you the same issue.

Happy Easter Sean and you all at Londolozi! That elephant bull is really impressive, the largest mammal on earth at his peak, you can only imagine his power! I was amazed at the Xinkova female. She’s a stunner, and her whole video is a dream come true.i held my breath when she passed by your vehicle, a real Easter surprise. The starry sky in motion is the perfect background for such an heavenly creature

Thank you so much, Francesca. The Xinkhova Female is a stunner indeed.

I appreciate watching your drive and the sightings that you shot Sean. It brings me right back to my experiences in Londolozi. I see you change lenses in the field. Do you often or ever get dust that needs to be cleaned off your DSLR sensor? Your photography and cinematography are really wonderful to watch. Thanks always for sharing your terrific experiences in Londolozi. 👍 🎥 🤩 👋 😎

Thank you so much, Joel. I am glad the clips transport you back. I do change lenses in the field and yes there is a bit of dust build-up on the sensors so we have to get them cleaned every now and then.

Sean, great video, thanks for sharing.

Thank you, William.

Sean I hope you had a wonderful Pass Over weekend. The Xinkhova female is beautiful leopard and your video of her with the light shining in the back is spectacular. I wish I had a lens like the one you used, must also be good for bird photography. Loved the elephants as well and the little calf was so cute. The bull being in Musth is quite alarming, because they can get very irritated.

Thank you, Valmai It was a great weekend thank you. I hope yours was lovely too. The Xinkhova Female is stunning.

!Sean, beautiful close-up videos of the leopards!!

Thank you so much, Bob.

If that ‘boisterous’ boy didn’t find any gals in heat with that group will he wonder off to find another group? Also curious about how much the Xinkova female weighs? She looks pretty small?? What a find that violet starling was!

Yes, so the elephant would have likely spent some time with that herd of elephants before moving on to search for another herd and hopefully a female in heat. The Xinkhova Female is a small leopard, but she will still grow some more.

We were lucky enough to be in Kyle’s vehicle that evening! The Xinkhova female is simply stunning and so relaxed around the vehicles. Even me with, zero photography experience, managed to get some amazing shots of her.

Amazing, Karen! So great you got to enjoy this sighting as well. The Xinkhova Female is a stunning leopard and she put on quite a show for us. That is awesome that you also got to snap some shots.

Terrific virtual safari this week, as per normal Sean! I really love learning about the elephant bull, and the footage of the starlings in action somehow captured their beauty in a way even better that still photography. The video following the Xinkhova female to the Marula tree and the crazy images of her under-lit were stunning!

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