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on An Amazing Afternoon With The Plaque Rock Female- Virtual Safari #160

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Sean that was an afternoon well spent watching the Plague rock female in the grass, drinking and launching up the leadwood tree to feed. She is such a beautiful leopard. Shame it is a pity she lost her cubs the rising river. Hopefully in a short while we will see her new cubs. About your spider friend in your vehicle is quite alarming. Spiders give me the creeps and it looks like a big one at that. But you will look after her and see that she is well kept.

The Plaque Rock Female is a gorgeous leopard and it was amazing to spend the entire afternoon with her. It was actually a fairly small spider and so as long as I don’t disturb her she should stay in her tunnel.

What a pity that she lost her last litter. But, hopefully she might give birth again to some more cubs, as you said, Sean.
Thanks for the lovely video!
Beautiful, the evening light on this beautiful animal.
I am looking forward to an update about her in three months.

It is a pity but she will hopefully give birth to another litter of cubs soon. It was such an awesome scene with the golden glow.

Thanks Sean for a wonderfully relaxing video viewing the Plaque Rock female, just doing what leopards do. It’s a shame she may have lost her cubs to the flood waters, but then that’s the risk animals take if denning their cubs along the river during the rainy season. My countdown has begun and I’m looking forward to perhaps seeing the Plaque Rock female in addition to the Londolozi family in a couple of weeks. It feels like I am returning home after a long break – ciao for now!

We look forward to having you back here again with us. I hope you are able to see the Plaque Rock Female when you are here.

Great video Sean, thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much, William.

Sean, What a great sighting! Bravo to you for acting to get those awesome closeups! We will be back at Londolozi in August, so maybe she will have had her cubs by then! Oh and congrats on your new “ride along” friend!

Thank you so much, Michael. I hope she will have some cubs by the time you are here in August. It is nice to have a little companion on the vehicle.

Thank you Sean for sharing an incredible sighting of the Plaque Rock female. What a stunning leopard she is. Your patience certainly paid off. I too hope she is pregnant and will have more cubs. Please keep us posted.

Thank you so much, Carol. We are all secretly hoping she is pregnant again and will give birth to another litter of cubs. As soon as we have any news of it we will be sure to let you all know.

Just beautiful. The twilight, the birdsong, the leopard, and your new buddy, the spider💕

Thank you so much, Sally. It was a really pleasant afternoon.

I would have to burn the vehicle with the spider in it! Ha! JK – I do have great respect for them, just don’t like to share space with them! From what we understood during our visit to Australia, funnel web spiders are venomous…hoping your friend is not!

Great follow of the Plaque Rock Female Sean! You patience and persistence paid off, as not only did you get the capture of her going up the tree, but you were quick to respond to the situation at hand and got the great footage of her drinking! Wishing her the best on the possibility and viability of her next litter. I also really loved the opening bit about the fennel spider, especially that you will keep her in tow after you clean up you vehicle!!

Thank you so much, Paul. It turned out to be a fantastic afternoon out there. It will be nice to have a little companion on the vehicle for a bit, until the spider decides to move on.

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