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Ndzanzeni 4:3 Female

Ndzanzeni 4:3 Female

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Ross was born and raised in Durban, spending many a family holiday in the northern parts of KwaZulu Natal. It is here that his love and passion for the African Bush developed. He decided to combine his love of working with people and ...

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on Where Is The Ndzanzeni Female Leopard Denning Her Cubs

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Fantastic news Ross related to the Ndzanzeni female’s cubs, even though they’ve yet to be seen. I’m optimistic that someone will discover her den and spot one or two little furry bodies.

Hi Denise, we too are very optimistic and hopefully we can update you soon.

Thanks for the update! What an exciting development. Let’s keep fingers crossed, that we get another female in the long line of descendants of ‘Mother’. Waiting,in anticipation.

Senior Digital Ranger

I didn’t realize that you don’t follow the male lineage. Beautiful pictures as always.

Ross, thanks for the update and wonderful pictures.

Hello Ross, I do hope that she haa a little female in her litter to go on with the Mother Leopard’s Royal Family! How exciting! I am sure you can barely wait and see! If she had twin sisters that would be super

Ross that will be fantastic news about the cubs, so so precious and we hope that there will be a female to carry out the lineage. She is a beautiful leopardess and one of my favorites.

What a beauty this leopard is! I absolutely love the photos of her.
Let’s hope that her lineage can continue with a little girl leopard.

Exciting news, Ross – she is my no.1 favourite leopard, having first seen her at just 1 month old, then again with a 2 month old Tortoise Pan. She’s lost so many litters of cubs since then that I’m not overly optimistic. On the brighter side, I think her mother (DRB) was 15 when she had Ndzanzeni, so at 11 she’s still got time. I shall keep thumbs and everything crossed again!

Hi Suzanne, raising cubs is no easy task but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she can raise this litter to independence.

Good news indeed. Nice to see one of my photos! This was from a sighting with her cub (grew up to be Tortoise Pan male) and the Inyathini male.

Thanks Ross! I really wish the Ndzanzeni female all the success in her endeavor to raise the new cubs, and fingers crossed that there are female cubs so as to keep the lineage of the Mother leopard alive and well!

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