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Kyle was born and raised in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. His childhood was spent scurrying barefooted along the banks of various rivers and dams, fishing rod ever-in-hand, enjoying the beauty and freedom of outdoors. Kyle obtained a degree in construction from UCT ...

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on Heartbreak and Hope, a Story of Survival

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Thanks Kyle for such a comprehensive story about the distribution and history of different prides that have made Londolozi their home. There were some harrowing moments in the lives of these lions over the past couple of decades but perhaps this is due to more detailed reporting. This article read once is a lot to absorb, so I definitely will print it and read it a couple more times.

It is definitely a lot to take in and I did try to be as succinct as possible but the dynamics can be a lot for even us who work here to take in!

Master Tracker

Fingers crossed, lion dynamics make a soap opera look tame

They definitely do, Ian!

Thank you for sharing this story. We have watched this group of lions and cubs and hoping for the best! Relieved to know that 2 survived.

Hi Darlene, hopefully they’ll still both be around the next time you come visit!

Senior Digital Ranger

Great documentary. The photo of the male is wonderful!

Thanks, Mark. It’s a beautiful photo of a magnificent male lion.

Senior Digital Ranger

So very sad. Life truly is hard for these animals. I don’t understand why. Any news on the Tsalala female?

She has been around a fair amount over the last couple of weeks so there may be some update coming soon! if nothing else, I am sure she’ll be in a TWIP soon.

This is really an amazing story. Heartbreak and hope, as you say, and death and survival are in such close proximity in the bush. I do keep my fingers crossed for these lionesses that they may survive and have their own cubs in due time.
By the way, do you know if the young Tsalala lioness is still fine? She has also been such a great surviver.

We all hope the same, Christa. We’re all watching in anticipation! The Tsalala female is around and has been seen quite a bit over the last two weeks. She is one of the ultimate survivors for sure!

It’s great having an ongoing historical perspective on the lions we have seen personally.

Thanks Vin, hopefully you’ll see these latest additions in the years to come!

Kyle the lion dynamics changes so much. So glad to see the youngster is excepted in the pride and very glad that the male was not aggressive towards here. I was very upset when the majestic Othawa male was killed. But that is wild life in raw and only the strongest survive.

That’s it Valmai, unfortunately. We just have to try not to get attached!

We will anxiously follow your updates to see how they fare.

Hopefully they’ll be around when you get here in a couple of months!

Kyle, life is truly precious and not to be taken for granted especially in the animal kingdom. Thanks for your insights and the wonderful photos of the lions.

Definitely, it’s a fragile thing anywhere, but out here especially so.

What an incredible story. I am so sad to hear of the Ntsevu lioness passing and heartened that her family remains strong together. And who says we aren’t supposed to get attached??!! At the end of the day, all creatures will someday die. So get as attached as you can. The greater the loss, the bigger the love.

Maybe that’s the way to look at it, Susan! I do like that.

What an amazing story, especially read along with the complete history of the Tsalala pride for context. Thanks, Kyle. We’ll be watching for updates in the weeks and months ahead.

We’ll all be keeping you updated, Mary Beth!

Hi Kyle, a lioness’ story is always a saga in itself, a whole pride is a real constantly unfolding drama! I love to read all the stories of this pride and also male lions. The king always has a short and often hard life. Lioness endure a troubled time as well. It is thrilling and I always held my breath when reading it. Some bitterness follows, as with determined males against them and so many hyenas, cubs had no chance. And then the older lioness. I’m glad that the young daughter joined her pride and did not stay lonely as the Tsalala female is… looking for good news. Thanks for this accurate and breathtaking tales of this legendary pride

Thank you for reading, Francesca! Lion dynamics are incredibly complex and fascinating, hard to watch at times and beautiful at others. We are all watching with bated breath to see what happens in the next chapter!

An amazing story and outcome. I love learning about Lion dynamics, thank you for sharing.

Hi Moira, an absolute pleasure. Thank you for reading! Lion dynamics really are fascinating.

Senior Digital Ranger

Here’s hoping for another litter of cubs in less than 110 days so they will be old enough to catch a viewing in July 🤞

Kyle, We are so happy to hear of the great connection between lions. It’s wonderful that the females accepted the young female! The saga continues!

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