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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Truly Spectacular Sighting of Giraffe and Zebra On the Way to Lions: Virtual Safari #157

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Senior Digital Ranger

What amazing video! I love watching Giraffes and Zebra are my favorite! The lions are are wonderful to see.

Sean, this video was like a warm bath–peaceful and beautiful. Celebratory of yet one more wonder offered up by the bush–thank you! Can you please share the soundtrack—the piano backing set the tone perfectly and would love to know composer/performer.

Senior Digital Ranger

Good stuff and good camera work

Thanks for the beautiful and pleasant video of the giraffes ands zebras. Life seems so peaceful while watching them.
I also like the lions, how they are enjoying their lives by resting in the shade.

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful video this week. this is especially nice

Sean, what a beautiful scene with the Zebra and Giraffe! It was fun to watch it with our granddaughter (7) and see her reactions! She can’t wait to go to Londolozi someday and we will be enjoying seeing her reactions in realtime!

Senior Digital Ranger

I had to pause the video before the lions just to tell you how excellent the footage is so far. I love the way you focused on one zebra and let everything else come and go in the frame. I especially like the footage of the zebras with the giraffe walking towards the camera from behind. Love the closeup of the giraffe’s face, getting the magic moment of the tongue with a few more giraffe heads coming in and out. Ah, now for the rest of the video!

Such stunning footage of the Zebra and giraffe interacting. Loved the way the Zebra rolled in the dust and run around there. Giraffe are such beautiful animals in their own right. Lions were just lazy and I suppose waiting for the night to attack.

Your video was really amazing to watch today Sean. I always enjoy watching giraffes whilst they seem to move in slow motion, but the best viewing in my opinion, is watching them sink into an A-frame position in order to drink, and then flip their head to create an arc of water. However, my favorite minutes today were directed to the frisky zebra, running for no apparent reason and then take a good roll in the dust! I didn’t mind not watching lions today as the first act was so entertaining.

Great video, the luxurious vegetation is a perfect frame for.those fantastic animals. They all seem happy and thriving. Do female giraffe hqve hair on their horns?

Giraffes….still my favorite! Watching them drink – it’s just so improbable with the mechanics. Was that one male lions eye riddled with ticks?

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