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Ntomi 3:3 Male

Ntomi 3:3 Male

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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

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Three Rivers 2:3 Young Male

Three Rivers 2:3 Young Male

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on This Week In Pictures #586

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The Three Rivers young male posing in

Definitely the Three Rivers young male posing in the fork of the tree, but all the other photographs are stunning too.

Thanks Babs. I also love the Three Rivers Young Male in the fork of the tree.

All the photographs are great. I have 3 favourites this week. They are: “After watching him feed, the Three Rivers Young Male poses perfectly in the fork of the tree.” What a great photograph. “Four well-behaved cubs!” It looks as though you placed the cubs equal-distant apart for the photograph – and then “The Three-banded Plover ….”. The lighting is this photograph is fantastic. Well done to you all.

Thanks for posting your three favourites Ian. I wish I could claim placing the four cubs perfectly but it was down to pure luck to get that shot! The Three-banded plover was actually taken with a 600mm prime lens which really produced an excellent result.

Senior Digital Ranger

incredible shots this week!!! It would be helpful (to me) if you could indicate the technical info also (focal length iso F stop shutter speed). Thanks they are really beautiful.

Hi Mark,
If you tap on the photos the technical specs are all listed. 😊

Senior Digital Ranger


Hi Mark, let me know if you have any further questions about the camera settings used in the pictures.

My favorite this week was the Ntomi male with his arm through the fork of a tree. I also loved the lighting on the zebra. Can’t wait to learn more about the sighting of the lioness in a tree!

Hi Chelsea, thanks for the comment. Did you manage to read the blog on the lions in the tree? If not see the link below:

Senior Digital Ranger

Impressed with the fact that all the guides are photographers…and good ones too.

Thanks Jim.

Hello Nick!
Beautiful pictures! I like the Ntomi Male when he is resting in a Marula tree. The photos of the Ntsevu cubs is lovely! Very sweet picture when the Young Ntsevu Cub is getting her milk…
Thank you for sharing!

Hello Ann! thanks for your comment and letting me know your favourites. The Ntomi Male is a great leopard to photograph.

Senior Digital Ranger

Nick, all of your photos are winners but the 4 cubs sitting side by side takes the prize! They are so, so cute!

Hi Debra! Thank you, the cubs are indeed, very cute.

Impressive seeing the Styx lioness up a tree, the Ntomi leopard shows us how its done though leaping through effortlessly.

The three rivers male with his kill in the tree has to be me favourite this week.

Hi Tony. The Three Rivers Young Male is my favourite too and the Ntomi Male loves to climb trees, especially Marula’s.

Superb pics, well done Nick!

Thank You, Suzanne.

Ntomi male is my absolute favorite but the shot of the Three Rivers male in the tree is perfection this week!

Thank You, Anita!

Another week of wonderful photos, Nick. The lion cubs are sooo cute! The two young male leopards, Naomi and Three Rivers are such handsome guys. I love the photos of them. But also the Three Banded Plover, the Zebra drinking from the pool, the giraffe against the cloudy sky, they are all so beautiful.
So, at the moment, you can’t cross over to the northern part of Londolozi? There seems to be a lot of water.

Hi Christa, Thank you for the comment and Im so pleased you enjoyed the TWIP. Yes, we had a lot of rain in February which prevented us from crossing north for about a month! the river has now been crossable for three weeks, which is great.

Great job this week Nick, taking over TWIP. I enjoyed all of your photos but my favorite is the Three Rivers male posing in the fork of the tree. He definitely looks relaxed after eating. The four little lion cubs in formation was also good – is this the lioness who birthed five and now there’s 4?

Loved the photos! My Three Rivers Male is so HUGE and bold! As long as he does’t get too sure of himself, he will be a real presence in a few short years! Loved the lion cubs too! Thanks for sharing!

Magnetic looks in these leopards eyes. The Ntomi male is gorgeous, and the Senegal Bush male together make a genealogical and a genetic link. The Tree River young male is a top model, surely a winning picture. Great photos of the lioness in a tree and the adorable lion cubs. The zebra and giraffe also very much appreciated animals. Great

Senior Digital Ranger

They are all stunning. I have 2 favorites. Ntomi Male’s left eye as he rests in a Marula tree and the Three Rivers Young Male poses perfectly in the fork of the tree.

Hi Sandra, Im thrilled you enjoyed the two leopard pictures. Thanks for commenting.

Digital Tracker

My fave this week is the beautiful shot of the zebra. I love the plover too.

Thank You, Carly.

Master Tracker

Fabulous photos , I do like it when you show the settings and the camera /lens used

Hi Ian, thanks for the comment. I hope you managed to see the settings used? I mostly use the R6 with a 100-500mm lens. The Three-banded Plover was taken with a 600mm Prime lens.

Nick, great TWIP this week. My favorite picture is the four cubs looking strait ahead. Cute picture.

Thanks, William.

Love the Three rivers young male in the fork of the tree…super contrast of textures with his beautiful coat and the bark of the tree 👌🏻❤️. But all the other photos are just as beautiful.

The cubs steal the show❣️❣️❣️

The cubs have really spoiled us so far, Linda!

Nick, your images are fabulous! It’s great to see so much action in spite of the weather! It was hard to pick a favorite, but here goes! The Rivers Young Male posed perfectly in the fork of the tree!

Thank you so much Michael and Kerri! Good choice, that’s my favourite from the week.

Impossible to choose, but if forced, I’d have to pick the shot of the Ntomi male’s left eye freckle and the Three Rivers Young Male in the fork of the tree. Iconic photos among many other great ones! Thanks Nick!!

Hi Paul, thank you for the comment, much appreciated.

Fantastic fotos of the Ntomi male leopard ,the Senegal bush male and the Three Rivers male leopard. The lion cubs are gorgeous and mom looks good. 4 well behaved lion cubs so precious,

Hi Valmai, I enjoyed photographing the male leopards!

What great shots of the leopards in the trees! And to find a lion in a tree as well – how peculiar.

Hi Kara, thank you for the comment. Yes it was a week full of cats in trees. I hope you read the blog about the tree climbing lions of Londolozi.

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