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on Getting Stuck in the Mud with Lion Cubs and Elephants: Virtual Safari #154

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My goodness, what a variety this week! Those grubs were equally fascinating and horrifying all at once.

I’m glad you were in the right place at the right time to witness the lion cubs more fully. With all the tractor action I wonder who was watching whom? Perhaps you were entertaining the Ntsevu lionesses as much as they were entertaining you?

You’ll have to let us know the outcome of the pink pouch. I vote for exemption. 😉

It was such a fun week, sadly I have to say that I in theory was awarded the dreaded pink pouch, but it changed hands so quickly that I never even got to hold it.

Senior Digital Ranger

Sean…fun game drive…if you haven’t been stuck, you’ve never been on an African game drive. Good stuff as usual

That is very true, if you haven’t been stuck, have you really even been on a proper game drive?

Nice try in claiming an exemption Sean, but the pink pouch is definitely coming your way!

Yip, it did come my way sadly.

What an amazing thing to watch, these little worms! Great video, Sean.
The lion cubs are so cute. You really had an adventure there when you got stuck. So, did you get the pink pouch or not?
When I was once at Londolozi, there was a very unfriendly elephant bull there, who always wanted to chose cars away. It was a good thing that it was not him who passed by your vehicle when it was deep in the mud.
By the way: If an elephant bull came across lion cubs without their mothers, would he kill them?

I indeed did receive the pink pouch, but it didn’t stay with me for too long as someone else got stuck very soon after I did.

Yes, if the elephant came across the cubs he would try to kill them.

Well…..what was the verdict? Did you get the pink pouch???
Thanks for all you do Sean to get us these amazing shots!

I did receive the pink pouch, but not for very long. Some one else got stuck very soon after I did.

Sean, I also learned something new regarding the gnats larvae. Thanks.
Then, i need to ask.. did you get the pink pouch? I had a good chuckle!

I did get awarded the pink pouch. I disagree with it though, but anyway we will have to take it up with them again.

Among the many reasons I enjoy the lowveldt are the serendipitous happenings. Fascinated by the wormy/caterpillary migration. And getting stuck led to wondrous cub, lioness and elephant encounters. But most importantly: are you now a Pink Pouch owner?

I was for a very brief period the holder of the pink pouch, but someone took it off my hands before I could even grace my belt with its presence.

Sean. Most enjoyable. So pink pouch or not?

Yup, pink pouch it was.

Hi Sean, wonderful to see Lion cubs drinking from their mother. They are so adorable. That elephant bull was quite huge and luckily chased the mother towards you for good footage of her. The caterpillar/worms was quite an interesting sighting. Never seen something like that before, thanks for sharing. I really do hope you will be exempted from the pink pouch brigade of getting stuck in the mud. You were filming for us the viewers and you always go the extra mile for perfect foto’s and video for us. Thank you for your that we appreciate it emensly.

You are most welcome, Valmai. I tried my best but sadly was deemed to be awarded the pink pouch.

Sean, What a great adventure! The macro experience was really fantastic. Makes you think about all the organisms that we cannot even see! Your Lion experience was special and we are wondering if you got the “pink pouch”?? Not sure if your exemption will hold up with that group! Good luck!

Thank you so much, Michael. It was such a fun drive. Sadly, the exemption didn’t hold up and this motley bunch wouldn’t let me get away with it.

Oh my, what a glorious adventure you had after checking out the little cellophane caterpillars. I’ve never seen any quite like that undulating ribbon of alien looking creatures. I’m so glad you shared with us what they were. However, great discovery of another set of cubs. They look to be a bit younger than the ones posted in the blog last week. I’m sure getting stuck in the mud wasn’t on your agenda, but it afforded us an opportunity to witness your rescue in action. I think you should be exempt from the pink purse as your dilemma was in the line of duty to produce this video. That bull elephant certainly kept his distance from all of you, perhaps because the lioness was more interesting to follow. Thanks for a fantastic Sunday morning viewing!

It really was a fantastic time out and we got to see so much. I wish I was exempt but sadly, the rangers disagree.

Master Tracker

And the winner of the pink pouch is….

Sean Zeederberg, but only for a very short period.

Great to see footage of the new cubs.

Awww cubs and Mum, what a peaceful lovely scene! Handsome elephant too. A lucky accident

Seeing those worms in the worm river was wild! Very cool in the macro lens. That is so great that your chef got to see lion cubs in the wild. And did you get the pink pouch?

Lion cubs are awfully adorable, Sean…..but stuck is STUCK. Don’t think that you can avoid the Pink Pouch this time!!

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