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on Incredible Lion News- There is More than One Litter of Lion Cubs on Londolozi

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This is wonderful news! Very pleased to hear about the new cubs. ❤️

I was very sorry to hear of the passing of Ubuso, Ndhzenga male recently. This was very sad news indeed. My condolences. 😢

Exciting news, Kirst!! They’ll all be big little guys, up running around, part of a “mega pride” by the time we visit in June! Yea!

This is truly great news and I’m hoping that you will discover more of the cubs in the next couple of weeks. I’ll be returning mid April and seeing cubs would be high on my list of sightings- whether lion or leopard, but as we know, during drives nothing is guaranteed. Thanks for including such wonderful images.

This is wonderful news. So there will be lots of cubs around in the near future. Looking forward to seeing them some time later in the year.

Hope to see several young ones when we return in August.

Exciting news indeed. Can not wait to see images of the new cubs with their mothers and the pride. Congratulations to Londolozi

Hello Kirst, It was really good news! Beautiful photos also of the pride! Thank you for sharing!

Senior Digital Ranger

How very exciting – looking forward so much to hearing more – 15 – 25 cubs! Beautiful photos – thank you Kirst.

Kirst, what exciting news. New cubs on Londolozi means the continuation of the species for many years to come. Hope the lionesses are successful in raising a least a few to maturity.

Kirst this is fantastic news hearing that there will be more lion cubs on Londolozi. They are so adorable and very precious. Happy Valentines Kirst .

Very exciting indeed! Thanks Valmai

Lions are our Valentine! Best wishes for the adorable cubs

Great to hear of even more new cubs. If things work out then the Ntsevu could become a super pride, though with the recent death of Ubuso and another Ndhzenga having that nasty side injury, the Ndhzenga coalition may not be able to hold on to them. The Gijima males who attacked them earlier on may take note.

Hopefully Ubuso fathered them, that would be a nice end to his story.

Hi Tony, he was definitely seen mating with the females so there is a possibility that some of the cubs may be his, but difficult to confirm this as the females have mated with many of the males. For now, the three Ndhzengas have been spending more time with the pride so I am sure they are able to hold off the Gijima males who are still quite far south of the reserve

Awesome news although I wonder, are these the same females that were denning in what is a now-flooded area on MalaMala? I know with so many lionesses, it might be different individuals, but was curious!

Hi Michael, It is the same den site that is on the western banks of the Sand River. We have found that two other females have now introduced their cubs to the pride. For now, we are unable to off-road due to the rain so will wait and see if these cubs are still alive.

It would be amazing to see the Ntsevu price grow to 20+ lions once again! 🤞 Have the Ntsevu sub-adult females sired by the Birmingham males all completely left their mothers at this point? I thought they’d been hanging around with them.

Can’t wait to hear more about these new cubs and see some pictures once they are found

That is very exciting news!!

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