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Three Rivers 2:2 Female

Three Rivers 2:2 Female

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Ntomi 3:3 Male

Ntomi 3:3 Male

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Ximungwe 5:3 Female

Ximungwe 5:3 Female

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on The Week in Pictures #580

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Senior Digital Ranger

So sad the tsalala female is always alone, heartbreaking really

Senior Digital Ranger

Agreed. Her Tsalala mom was always alone and run off by the Kambula pride. Now she seems to have the same fate. If only she could join up with a couple of break-away lions to give her a better chance at hunting and raising cubs successfully.

What a fantastic week you all experienced, photographing so many iconic animals and birds. Choosing one image is so difficult at this stage and I wish we could select a 1st and 2nd…. but considering you want us to choose just one favorite image, it is Kirst’s elephant family. I chose this because I liked the forbidding clouds that contrast with the lush green grass and trees, and how the family have gathered so closely together as they make their way across the open area. Thank you Sean for giving us such a wonderful glimpse into summer within Londolozi.

“Two young calves in-sync while quenching their thirst.” I think this is a great photo. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with young elephant calves whenever I visit a game reserve. They keep me amused for ages. All the photographs are great – as they are every week.

That’s a great pic of the Talamati girl stalking and I’m glad to see the Tsalala lioness is in good shape.

hi any signs that the Tsalala may be pregnant yet please

My favoured this week are the greeting lions and the elefant’s silhouette

If there is a lovelier courtship picture than the one that begins this week, I have not seen it!

Amazing photos again this week. Thanks.

Kelsey’s whydah is my choice. An amazing job to compose the photo so the whole, loong tail is included.

The lion couple greeting wins for me this week 🙂 and the two ellies in sync next! Happy Weekend crew!

This week is a full lions choice for me. The Tsalala lioness in gold is just perfect, and the lioness and lion greeting looks like they were dancing together, each one perfect synchronised with the other in pure gold too. The three rivers female is gorgeous, all leopards are fantastic and all pictures are great as usual

Hi Sean, so many beautiful foto’s and it is getting harder to choose just one favorite. For my this week will be the Tsalala female, as she is my favorite lionesses. After all the odds being against here, she is still surviving perfectly well and she is looking exceptional well.

Thanks for the pictures Sean. My favorite this week is the elephant silhouette at either sunset or sunrise. I couldn’t quite tell which.

Its so good to see Tsalala!!!

Hello, Sean. Please, is there any news on the movement of the young lioness Tsalala? The last reports are about a month old and the photo on this blog is from September 2022. Thank you.

The shot of the Tsalala lioness s my favorite. We still have a soft spot for the Tsalala lioness lineage. Thanks for all the lovely shots.

I love the image of the Talamati lioness stalking. Glad to see the Tsalala female is in great condition and that there are new lion cubs on the block!

Sean, I love the elephant silhouette photo and the lioness having the focused gaze. i always love the focused stare of the pantera Leo and pardus!

Hi Sean! Wishing you all a Happy New Year and thanks for all the amazing photographs ❤️. Love the light on Ximungwe drinking …stunning. The Eli silhouetted against the setting sun is beautiful too. Lovely to see Tsalala doing well. Has she found a mate or a family yet?

Kirst’s photo of the Ndzhenga Male captures many of the beautiful elements of nature during this season.

Difficult one! On balance the lone elephant because his grey against the stunning sky is fabulous.

All great images, but any sighting/photo of the Tsalala lioness has to be a favorite!

Loved all of the Lions and Leopards

Senior Digital Ranger

Good to see the Ndzhenga males are still around. Was wondering, what would happen with the younger coalition that came out of Kruger. Any word on the last Birmingham/Gowrie’s condition?

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