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At less than a year old, Kirst went to her family’s hut in the Greater Kruger National Park, and has been fortunate enough to continue to go there ever since. Sharing a passion for the bush with her family, led to countless trips ...

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Setting out on a game drive very early in the morning is the very best time of the day because so much awaits one out there. What is going to happen? Probably lots of exciting interactions of animals.
But, of course, also the rest of the day is great and in the evening the starry skies are just wonderful.

Just had to laugh realizing in the times I’ve visited, I never made it to the deck prior to the morning drive for a cup of tea and rusk (I’m blaming my not-so-morning-person husband 🙂 )…. Looking forward to sharing our favorite place with friends later this year!

Your not-so-morning friends here might struggle with that too, but it will be our goal to take it all in regardless of the hour. Wish us luck! 😄🌅

These friends are looking forward to our first time there later this year. 🙂

The anticipationf the morning game drive over a cup of coffee with the ranger never fades away.

For those who haven’t been yet…..yes, it really is that wonderful. And you’ll leave a little bit of your heart behind, so you then have to return to reclaim it!

As a veteran of hundreds of game drives, many of them at Londolozi, I can attest to this being a wonderful description of a life-changing experience. And don’t pass up the bush coffee!

So much excitement for a safari drive. It’s going to be a long day in the bush. I am sure it is an experience to be at Londolozi, having the Rangers and Trackers with you on the drive, driving around looking for wild animals. An experience no one will ever forget. The luxurious rooms and lavish food makes it even more special.

Kirst, thank you for recapping what a lovely experience a safari must be.

Each day and every drive rewards guests with an unexpected gift from Mother Nature, and that is certainly part of the excitement of being on safari. The early mornings are wonderful as we take in the sun rising, perhaps with a mist hovering over the river but then, sunsets rival none other seen in the world for the spectacular colors and setting, and then there are the stars, shining brightly with no light pollution to dull their brightness. I am so ready to return to South Africa and the countdown has begun – just three more months……

Reading your description of a typical safari day brought back memories of our days together last April/May, Kirst! There is nothing in the world quite like a day on safari and I can hardly wait to return! See you in June!

Makes me want to come back! I found that there was such an interesting paradox between being completely present, grounded and relaxed while also being hyper aware, alert and excited with anticipation. I wouldn’t think one could exist in both states at once without having experienced it myself first hand. It’s truly the magic that makes Londolozi (in additional to the incredible community of people).

Chelsea, you’ve described that perfectly! – like you I never thought I could be calm and relaxed at the same time as being alert and excited. I found that on my 1st visit and every visit since (12). I still can’t work it out – guess as you say, it’s Londolozi magic!

Kirst, Even though we have had many days in the bush at Londolozi, this reminder makes us yearn for the experience even more. We can’t wait until our next visit this year!

Having been on safari before I know what the day entails, but just reading it in words it’s like “can I come right now please?!” Such an amazing experience always!

Senior Digital Ranger

How does the schedule change in July?

Can’t wait for my first visit, and your post Kirst, only heightens the imagination and anticipation!!

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