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Shannon was first exposed to Londolozi as a guest when she was a young girl. Straight away she was in awe at the warm feeling she got from the people and the place. After growing up in Johannesburg she graduated with honours in ...

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on 8 Books To Read Before Your Trip To Londolozi

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Thank you for these suggestions of books to read before traveling to Africa, especially Londolozi. I admit I’ve read half of these but am interested in The Elephant Whisperer and Blood Sisters….. perhaps available at Amazon! You always deliver great information!!

You are very welcome, Denise. I hope you enjoy reading both the Elephant Whisperer & Blood Sisters. I have a feeling you’ll love them!

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for the list of books to read. I have read The Elephant Whisperer. An excellant book!!

Thank you, Sandra. I am so thrilled you enjoyed the list, and I must agree, the Elephant Whisperer is an amazing book.

Shannon you tell a story yourself quite professionally. I am sure each one of those books that you described are fantastic read. I have the Robert’s Bird Guide Encyclopedia which was gifted to us by our daughter. Fantastic book and the most beautiful foto’s. I then decided to purchase the Robert’s Birding App for my phone so that I can identify the birds and their calls when I see and hear them. I Live in a Wild Reserve and the bird life is astounding here. Thank you for your story much appreciated.

Thank you for your kind words, Valmai. I am delighted that you enjoy reading Robert’s Bird Book as well as the app version so much, it is such an amazing tool to bring your passion for birding into your home, and on your travels.

Great list Shannon! It was a chance encounter with Cathedral of the Wild at my library that I learned of Londolozi. A few years later we planned our first trip and I’ve been a diehard fan ever since. Can’t wait to return someday!

Wow, that is such a wonderful story, Chelsea. It is amazing how books can connect you to experiences you may have not thought of otherwise. We look forward to welcoming you home on your next Londolozi adventure.

Shannon, We agree with all your choices. Years ago, we read Dave’s book on our first visit to Londolozi. It’s an excellent overview and history of all that the Varty brothers (and family) did to reclaim the wild. We have found the birding book indispensable, and have enjoyed reading all of the rest except “Blood Sisters”, and will look for it next!

I’m so glad you enjoyed my choices, Michael & Terri. I agree with you, the Full Circle is such an inspiring read. I hope you enjoy Blood Sisters as much as I did.

Thanks for your great book recommendations. I have already read some of them and they are all so good and exciting. Enjoyed them very much

I’m so glad you enjoyed my reading list, Christa.

After seeing a long time ago John Vsrty’s documentaries on leopards of Londolozi, I look forward to reading the books, thank you! Is the cathedral of the wild about trees? Fantastic! I would add Joy Adamson’s Born Free and Queen of Shaba, plus My Life With Elephants by Ian Douglas Hamilton. Among my favourite childhood books. Thank you so much!

Thank you for sharing those books with us, Francesca. I look forward to reading them!

Shannon what a great list! I have read Full Circle and the Elephant Whisperer – both are fabulous- and I will be buying and reading the rest as soon as possible! Can’t wait 😊

Thank you, Kara. What great books the Full Circle & the Elephant Whisperer are. I hope that you enjoy reading the rest of the books on my list.

I’ve read 5 of the 8, so more to do before my first visit Shannon! Thanks for the list!

It’s such a pleasure, Paul. It is great to hear you’ve already read most of them! I hope you enjoy the rest of the books as much as I have.

Shannon, thank you for sharing your personal preferences.

You’re so welcome, William.

Senior Digital Ranger

Excellent Selections Shannon! I’ve read half of them and had better up my game on the rest before July!!!

Thank you, Camille. Enjoy your reading & we will see you in July! We look forward to welcoming you home.

The book from Alex & Renias is an Excellent read! I would like to read a few books mentioned for sure! Thank you

Alex & Renias’s book is truly brilliant, I’m so glad you’ve read it and enjoyed the read, Gawie. Happy reading!

The Full Circle is a must read for visitors, especially before the first visit. We had the opportunity to discuss The Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life with Boyd Varty during one of his visits to Sarasota.

I couldn’t agree with you more, Vin! Those are both such wonderful books, and even more incredible that you shared moments with Boyd discussing his book.

I have read/used all of them but Blood Sisters – so getting that one! I am a big believer in reading, reading, reading. It is almost a lost art but a near necessity before going on safari:-)! Changing a Leopard’s Spots is great; I had to pick it up at Londolozi last month as it is not yet available in the US. Alex has done more for Africa’s animals and people than most know. When you add in Renias, the Vartys and Mandela of course, and the others represented in this list, you have true royalty as far as I am concerned. So much wisdom in this collection! Thank you for this blog piece, Shannon!

I am thrilled you enjoyed my blog, Linda. I wholeheartedly agree that reading is a wonderful way to relax and also allows one to pick up stories like the ones you’ve pointed out that you may otherwise not learn about.

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