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on What is on the Horizon for the Lions of Londolozi?

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Thank u, for this update. Very interesting, to follow all these developments. Looking forward for to more, exciting news.

Thank you, Jos. It is going to be very interesting to see what unfolds going forward.

Do you perhaps know where these six lions come from Sean? I was hoping that the Plains Camp Males can settle a bit, but the ‘chaos’ in dynamics is still playing out. Thank you for the update

We have heard that they have come from the Kruger National Park. We are trying to get a little more information on them now.

Well Sean, it does seem like there are major changes ahead within the greater Sabi Sand Reserve, and certainly within the boundaries of Londolozi. It was rather painful to watch the two injured Ndhzenga males in motion but both truly possess the heart of a lion. The Ntsevu females haven’t been successful lately in raising cubs by the Ndhzengas but if new male lions move in, then their lineage may continue. It’s exciting to think about the what if’s, who’s strong enough to push the existing males off property and where will the Birmingham coalitions fit into any of this? Terrific reporting!

There are very likely going to be some major changes going forward, but for now, we are just going to have to wait with bated breath.

Sean, life at Londolozi is always interesting, thanks for your insights into the lion dynamics. Keep those wonderful pictures coming.

Thank you so much, William. Life here is interesting, indeed. We will be sure to keep the pictures flowing.

I heard mention of the six new miles from Mala Mala and wondered who they were and if they were on Londolozi. Interesting times!

We are unsure of whether they have been onto Londolozi yet. They were on Mala Mala for a bit before being seen on Sabi Sabi. In believe that they come from within the Kruger National Park.

Senior Digital Ranger

Excellent stuff..photography and narrative…keep it up

Thank you so much, Jim.

Master Tracker

It seems that the area is full of smaller coalitions or individual male lions 🦁, hard to see much resistance to six young, vigorous males

As it stands now there are a number of smaller coalitions, but before the coalitions were larger. The Majingilane Males and the Mapogo Males we know all too well. the Birmingham Males arrived on Londolozi as a coalition of four. Plains Camp Males have always been two as far as I am aware. The Northern Avoca Males were three, although they were not seen together.
With these six young males nearby it will be interesting to see how the Ndzhenga Males fare.

Incredible year of lion dynamics. Early on, I had placed my bets on the Avoca males. I am also surprised that the Birmingham male is still with us, based on the poor condition we saw in July 2021.

The lion dynamics have kept us all on our toes of late. It is going to be interesting to see what happens going forward. The Birmingham Male is still looking fantastic, long may it last.

Lion dynamics are always fascinating! I can hardly wait to see what the situation will be by the time I visit next in June. I remember the days of the Majingilanes…

The dynamics are fascinating indeed. I am sure by your visit thing will be very different. But the exact details we cannot predict at this point.

the male with the stomach injury…is that something he can live with for long? seems to be getting worse (how is it not infected?) but also doesn’t seem to bother him?

It is difficult to tell, the injury occurred in 2019 while hunting buffalo. We were informed that it should heal by itself. Now here we are at the end of 2022 and it has not healed. He has done well to survive this long, but the risks of injuring it further could mean certain death for this male. You will be amazed at how strong a lion’s immune system is and the ability to fight infection is astounding.

Things are about to turnaround with the 6 males coming straight towards the Ndhzenga Males territory. New bloodline is always welcome, but to the detrem to the existing males. So sad really that there has to be a coalition. Thanks for bringing us up to date with lion dynamics

Thank you so much, Valmai. It is going to be an interesting time going forward but it is the way mother nature determines the survival of the fittest.

Gosh Sean, it certainly has been quite a year for all the lion coalitions! Mostly not good news, but I do hope there might be some new blood that might form a large pride in your area. I still feel for all those sub adults, cubs and lone lions though regardless 😒

It has been a year of a lot of changes and tragedy. I am hoping that this new coalition can move in and establish themselves here, mate with the females and sire their own cubs and then hold on to the territory for a substantial amount of time.

It will be really interesting to see what is going to happen to all the lions in the near future. I do hope that the females can stay safe with their cubs.

I think we are in for a very interesting time with the lion dynamics. Hopefully, the females are able to stay safe and do not get caught in the crossfire.

Wow… no animal is able to shake you deep inside like male lions. Their voice and appearance, their self-confidence due to their unbeatable power. I recall very well the Mapogos and the clash with the newly arrived Majingilane. Something you won’t forget… cubs and lionesses pay a very high price, besides resident males, but a coalition of six is such a rarity, who knows if they can be like Mapogos? Makulu was their leader, he was large but also older, he was a formidable buffalo hunter. In other coalitions sometimes smaller males are more determined… who knows, it’s a real bet. I hope the Nkuhuma pride will be lucky!

This is very true. Male lions are incredible and the clashes between coalitions can be brutal.

Always great to hear mention of the Mapogos. I like to learn all I can about the Sabi Sands lions and this is the first time I’m hearing of the Shaw’s male.

I wonder about the Mapogos rivalry with the Majingilanes. The mystery of Rasta’s death, the mystery night at elephant plains. Many believe it was the Mapogos and Majengilanes fighting that night and Rasta fell victim but theirs footage and sighting reports of him days after that and when there is footage of only four Mapogos afterwards they don’t appear to be recovering from wounds and Pretty Boy doesn’t have his bent spine yet. No one seems to know for sure what happened but I’d bet my house that four young Majingilanes didn’t defeat five experienced Mapogos who were still in their prime at the time.

The Majingilanes were a great coalition but years later they had a few skirmishes with the Southern Matimbas and at the end both coalitions settled things with no casualties even though the Majingilanes were twice their number, so I don’t think they were ‘bloodthristy’ enough to take on five Mapogos head on. Despite all that they were able to die as kings within their own territory, a great achievement for an old coalition.

Dreadlocks later disappeared too and it was later found that he was shot by poachers. If he didn’t die then I personally believe that even with their advance in age, the Selatis wouldn’t of been confident enough to take them on or even if they were that they would get slaughtered and the remaining Mapogos could of died as kings like the Majingelanes. 2010 was a horrible year for the Mapogos.

I knew one of the Ndhzengas was injured from that attack months ago but never knew about the other one.

I think the Plains Camp Males may be a huge problem for both the remaining Avoca and the S8 male as their both individuals.

This is my first time hearing of these six males, a new power house like the Mapogos and Matimbas. Very exciting!

I think the future holds a lot of uncertainty at the moment. The last standing lone males are at a high risk of being caught by the Plains Camp Males or any other nomadic coalition in search of a territory.

I agree, the dynamics of the lions (which I feel have been shifting since the original six Ntsevu females separated from their mothers in the Mhangeni Pride and became larger than any other pride in the area) are changing, and the condition of the Ndzhenga Males could potentially play a factor. But also feel in the same breath that the smaller coalitions (the two Birminghams before the Ndzhenga males pushed north, the Avocas (both Northern and Southern), the Kruger Males/Male, the Tumbela Males for awhile in the western sector, have provided much more stability overall than the last decade of larger coalitions did. While a larger coalition might hold bigger territory, they inevitably get the itch to expand for more females and territory, which leads to unrest for other prides. I love the documentation Londolozi’s (and other lodges) blog has detailed for those of us who are unlucky enough to not be on the ground daily (bit a joke there lol, I love documenting the dynamics of the various animals) and it provides some great historical references and context as well!
Thanks once again for keeping us updated on the dynamics Sean and Londolozi!

Lion dynamics fascinate me too. It is going to be interesting to see what unfolds here and if these new males end up arriving here or if are they going to settle elsewhere. I am glad a little look into the dynamics here can bring some joy to people across the globe.

Senior Digital Ranger

I always love hearing about he lion dynamics. Thank you for the latest update.

You are most welcome, Moira.

Well, we are all waiting with apprehension and yet fascination, as to what will happen next with the lions of the Sabi Sands…..we all have our favorite lions, and favorite prides, but it looks like there will be a large reshuffling of all of this over the next year or so. My hope is that as many cats as possible will survive and thrive.

We are also waiting with bated breath for something to happen. Every morning eager to get out on the odd chance we hear the commotion in the distance of the new lions having arrived. I hope that the females manage to get through and are not caught in the crossfire.

Surely only a matter of time until that stomach injury results in death – one bite or little scratch on the protruding parts by another Lion during feeding at a carcass would start the clock ticking let alone all the other things that could happen.

You are correct, I am sure it is just a matter of time before this injury is worsened by another lion. It would be a target for new lions attacking him in a fight, or could even be an accidental scratch or bite at a carcass as you say. The fact that he has survived since 2019 with this injury is impressive.

Wow six males would be unreal. They could dominate for a foreseeable future if all in good shape and healthy. Plus it would be amazing to see them all together.

It would be unreal, I am sure there will be a few injuries or maybe a casualty or two if they do try to take over, as the Ndhzenga Males are not going to go down without a fight. But if they all survive then it will be fantastic to have a coalition of six males here.

Sean, what is the coalition name of the 6 young lions to the south of Londolozi that are causing the Styx pride problems?

I have heard that it is the Nkulu Males, but I am still wanting to get a little more information on them.

I think it may be the Black Dam Males. The description for the two latest episodes of Wild Earth are describing a new coalition in Djuma called the Black Dam Males. I haven’t watched them yet, will do so in a few hours. Can’t wait!

There is more drama in lion warfare than in any of the “housewives” shows on TV!

This is very true, there is so much drama with the lion dynamics.

Very interesting developments all around for the Lions of Londolozi! Keep us apprised of the situation with the six new lions coming in from Kruger!

Indeed, Paul. The lion dynamics are going to be very interesting to follow over the next little while.

These six young male lions are from the Nkhulu lion pride in Kruger National Park, called Nkhulu male lions. They are more than three years old and are the sons of the famous Mantimahle male lion. An older male lion leads them, which may later Invasion of Ndhzenga males

Thank you for this, I have heard that there are actually nine young males, do you know where the other males are?

I haven’t seen any information about nine young males. They had eight members when they wandered. They may have been attrition or split. In the end, six young males formed an alliance with an older male.Then formed the seven lions alliance

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