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on Virtual Safari: The Ultimate Game Drive Highlights #144

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Senior Digital Ranger

That was fantastic! Thankfully the Tsalala Female came out alright so far! Thanks, Sean!

Thank you so much, Debra. The Tsalala Female seems to be thriving.

I’m so glad to see her! She’s a gorgeous lioness. Her loneliness is perhaps the cause of her boldness… she looks so self-assured, in spite of what happened to her mother. I go on hoping she’ll find her pride

Her loneliness could be the cause of her boldness indeed.

Welcome back Sean, and what a great return you had in capturing this video! One just has to admire the cheekiness of the Tsalala female, going after a free meal knowing there were three sub adult males guarding their kill. It’s just a shame the males wouldn’t let her have some time to feed after they’ve had their fill. I wonder if she had been a Ntsevu young female if they would have let her feed a bit. At least she did eat some before being chased away and was not injured. She looks good and healthy –

It was rather cheeky, but I think she was just trying her luck and because they are young males she thought maybe there was a chance to cash in on a free meal.

Sean, Another great adventure! She was lucky for sure. We were hoping they would all get to feed together. No respect for their elder – right?!

I was also hoping that they would all feed together but obviously not. However, we are unsure of what happened later that evening after we had left.

Wow Sean that was a close call for the Tsalala female. So glad to see that she is not hurt and in any event she got something to eat for her bravery effort. The 3 Ntsevu males are stunning lions. Hope you and your family enjoyed your leave.

Thank you so much, Valmai. At least she got a few mouthfuls for her bravery.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for this update. I love the Tsalala female. She looks well, which was good to see. I’m glad the Ntsevu sub-adults didn’t harm her. It didn’t seem like she felt that threatened by them so I suspect they have encountered each other before. I hope she finds long-term companionship very soon.

I think they could have encountered each other before based on how they behaved. However, the males showed dominance and wouldn’t let her near the carcass.

What an exciting sighting, Sean.
The Tsalala lioness is really brave: trying to get some food from the Ntsevu Lions’ meal.
The poor buffalo, on the one hand, fighting the lions so bravely, on the other hand they are now really fully grown to be able to make such a kill.

She is very brave, lets hope it doesn’t land her in some trouble going forward.

Welcome back Sean from a well deserved break! Your virtual weekly roundup certainly had me on the edge of my seat as Tsalala is possibly my favorite princess who I so hope finds a pride to join soon for her own safety! She certainly has her mothers strength of character and endurance! Do you think she might be coming into season and in a casual way advertising herself …as to be so comfortable after the confrontation and think of going back to try again seems crazy…or is it just the need to feed? Not knowing the final outcome I hope she fared well? 🙏🏻

Thank you so much, Cally. I think she could possible be reaching the point where she will look for a mate. I doubt it will be with these young males though. She will probably seek out the dominant males. In this sighting it was probably just to feed and for the company.

Always glad to see how resourceful she is. Wasn’t there a similar sighting a few weeks back?

She is a resourceful lioness, but also at the same time I think she is just doing what she can to either cash in on a free meal or possibly meet up with other lions that will accept her.

thanks for letting us know where to skip to! I can watch the carnage and appreciate the work but not for long 🙁 happy our tough girl didn’t get into with the big boys too. never a dull moment!

You are most welcome. Never a dull moment out here.

Hello Sean, can you give us an update on the Othawa pride? From reading posts on lion FB groups it seems the pride is in poor shape. Is this true?

Hi Stephen, I believe that the Othawa Pride is in disarray currently. I have heard that there is only one adult female and two younger females remaining. We do not see them here at Londolozi so I am just basing this on what I have heard from other rangers at other reserves.

Incredible video, thanks Sean.

Thank you so much, William.

Wow. They struggled but they managed in the end. They did look very inexperienced at the start, but then one landed in the killing throat bite. Very impressive, just look at poor Dark Manes fate to see how imressive. They’ll be a formidable coalition in the future.

The Tsalala lioness is going to become a legend. I really hope that she settles down with a coalition and keeps the Tsalala pride going but even if she fails her story will become legend that will be paid tribute to in many youtube videos. You always hear of the famous coalitions of sabi sands but rarely the female members of prides, she should be the exception. She’s looking in good condition and well fed.

Just like the doubts that male lions can’t hunt, she shows that an individual lioness can make it on her own.

It looked as though they were struggling for a bit, but I guess having the three of them there ended up exhausting the buffalo and then they pulled it over and ended things. In time they will learn to be more efficient.
I also think they will be an impressive coalition if they all make it through to their prime.

The Tsalala Female will soon be reaching an age where she could end up mating and let’s hope that she can follow in her mother’s footsteps and successfully raise one cub from her very first litter. This will help boost the numbers in the pride and we can see the rebirth of the Tsalala Pride.

Super exciting Sean! Glad to see the Tsalala Female thriving and fighting for a bit of buffalo against high odds!

My goodness that was hectic. I was so worried for the Tsalala female.

It was a little worrying, but we are so happy that the Tsalala Female got out of there unscathed.

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