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on The Week in Pictures #574

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Many perfect choices this week but my vote is going to the beautiful portrait of the Xinkhova female. The lighting is perfect for the setting in the V of the tree. Looks like it was a terrific week!

I think you along with many others voted for the Xinkhova Female.

Sean, my favourite by far is the Plains Camp Male striding towards his brother! It’s a striking / determined posture radiating power & grace.

It is a very impressive shot of the Plains Camp Male.

Wonderful pictures!
The Ntsevu young males seem to have turned into really powerful lions. Their paws are so big. It is amazing that they brought down this buffalo cow. And it is really cruel in a way that the fight of this poor animal lasted so long. But that’s nature…
I love the light on the photo of the herd of impalas, the close up of the little plover, the beautiful young Xinkhova Female and all the other photos as well.
Great that all your readers can take part in your fantastic life at Londolozi and the wonders of its animal world.

THe Ntsevu Young Males are impressive young lions, they still have a bit of growing and learning to do but where they are now they are doing very well. It is cruel indeed.

That’s a great pick of the Ntsevu young males feeding.

I’m wondering if the Plains Camp males may end up with the Talamati pride. They’re supposed to be under control of Mohawk but he spends most his time with the Nkuhumas and I doubt he’d stand up to both of them. I wish the best for Mohawk though. I also wonder if him and the S8 male will end up clashing.

There is a chance of the Plains Camp Males ending up with the Talamati Pride at some point. The Last Northern Avoca Male probably wont be able to hold to control of the Talamati Pride if the Plains Camp Males decide to move in there.

Hi Sean, fantastic photos! The Xinkova female and rhe Three Rivers young male are equally superb to me, gorgeous , expressive to the top and in a perfect frame, light and environnement. Also the lion walking

Thank you so much, Francesca. Those are some great pics.

Awesome photos Kyle and Chris! The Plains Camp Males are certainly on the rise it seems! Are the three Ntsevu males the ones who have been with one of their sisters or are the ones in your picture different males? Seems the several males have split since the Ndzhenga Males arrived especially.

They really are some great pics. These Ntsevu Sub-adult Males are the ones that have been with the one sister. There are four young males and one female that have been hanging around together, these are three of the males.

So many great details this week! My favorite has to be the Xinkova female in the tree – that expression is simply otherworldly. I also particularly loved the composition of the zebra drinking and the lion eye in the grass with the flower – such a great juxtaposition. The lizards and three-banded plover were also great additions.

Thank you so much, Chelsea. The Xinkhova Female got a fair few votes this week. It is such a stunning image.

Love the wild dog shot but have to pick the lion’s eye with the flower this week…such a sweet photo! How old do you think the ellies in the waterhole are? Their tusks are so perfect and smooth (helps that they are clean I suppose)! They look even more lovely while wet/dark grey and clean! Happy Friday crew!

That is a very interesting shot of the lion’s eye and the flower. I think the elephants in the water were probably in their early to mid 20s. With the tusks being clean it does make them look so much smoother.

Watching a lion (or lions) takung down a buffalo is a spectacular event–although difficult to watch as the bull screams with every bite.

It is a fairly difficult thing to witness but if one can get past the noises, it is an impressive battle to watch unfold.

So many fun images this week! My fav is the last, the Three Rivers Young Male. I sense the ‘imp’ in him from the expression in his eyes and open mouth. I watched him wrestle and play with his mother in the pouring rain last April and it seems that he must still have that playful trait!

I think he definitely still has that playful trait.

I especially love the picture of an elephant’s skin! (Just recently returned from there; at breakfast this morning, my husband asked me if he could start planning the next trip!)

The detail in the skin of an elephant is stunning. That is great news, we look forward to having you back here again with us.

Hi Sean such stunning foto’s and it is getting more difficult each week to choose one favorite foto. Mine for this week is the lion lying in the grass showing one side of his face and eye with flower above his ear. Loved all the foto’s especially the elephants in the water.

Thank you so much, Valmai. That picture of the lion is an interesting one. I am glad you like it.

There are quite few this week that are beautiful photos. For the top spot I keep going back and forth between the Xinkhova leopard by Chris, and the three banded plover by Kyle. Both have amazing color and composition. It’s the look in the leopards eyes that wins it for me!

Those are some great pics, Marcia.

Senior Digital Ranger

Nice selection, this week, Sean. The ellie looks so playful in the water, Xinkhova simply darling in her perch. And of course, what can be better than Three Rivers looking up! Well done.
btw, I appreciate the exif data.

Thank you so much, Ann. There were a few great images this week but the ones you mention seem to be amongst the favourites. The camera data can be helpful.

So many fabulous photos to choose from, but the Xinkhova Female photo takes the top spot! We also loved seeing the 3 Ntsevu males who had brought down the Buffalo, another excellent photo! And, of course we loved the photo of the Three Rivers female’s cub— he is a big dude, isn’t he??? What does the future hold for him??? Thanks for a great TWIP!

Thank you so much, Darlene. The photo of the Xinkhova Female is a great shot. The Three Rivers Young Male is growing into a very impressive young male. He is likely to still be dependent on his mother for a little while longer before moving on into a nomadic life.

The Xinkhova Female – what a beautiful photograph taken by Chris Taylor.

Thank you, Ian. It is a great shot by Chris.

So difficult picking a winner Sean, the teams photography just keeps getting more spectacular. The Elephants playing in the water were beautiful with the fabulous colors in the water! The close up of the Three Banded Plover gorgeous and of course the Plain Camp Lions and the solo lion lying in the grass. I want to pick them all !! But I think the clarity of the eyes in the photo of the Three Rivers young male has to be my favourite this week. Well done to everyone who contributed ! ❤️👌🏻

Thank you so much, Cally. There is some amazing content coming through now. Thank you for your comment.

Sean, We are sure everyone is getting ready for Santa’s visit and wish we were there! Wonderful set of images this week. So great to see some of the young leopards successfully finding their own space. Our favorite this week is the one of Kyle and his guests at the Sand River! We have great memories of being in the same spot for a similar experience!

We are certainly getting ourselves ready for a visit.
It is great that the young leopards are slowly finding their space, however, I am sure that this will change going forward.

The lighting on the Xinkhova female makes for a breathtaking picture! Miss my “cats”.

The lighting on her was stunning indeed.

Digital Tracker

So I decided my favourite pic this week by asking myself which one I’d like framed and hanging on my wall? The answer – the zebra drinking at the waterhole!

That is a cool image. I love photographing zebra.

Agreeing with many here, the Xinkhova female shot is iconic, as is the photo of the Three Rivers Young Male. But I also love the capture of the Martial Eagle on the lone branch – a certain majesty there!! Thanks Sean!!

Great photos this week, as always! Love the Three Rivers young male and Xinkhova too! And swimming Ellies!

A lovely week in pictures! My favourite was Xinkhova Female! (was she just recently named?)

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