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Growing up in the small coastal town of Mtunzini afforded Matt a childhood of endless adventures and the freedom to explore the rich diversity of animal and plant life in the area. He thus developed his passion for wildlife at a young age. ...

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on Driving the Maxabene

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As I am reading here, I am getting the pictures in my mind – The coolness and freshness of the massive trees shade and wondering for just how long they have been there giving their shade freely? I am hearing the birds each chattering their own song & a possible rasping call from a leopard nearby. A path driven that emerges and captures one’s mind. Thank you Matt

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you Matt that was a wonderful read & the bird calls too make it so special! Yes I also love trees & now that I have moved to PE, there are lots of magnificent trees, strangler figs & rock fig too, no leopards or ellies under them but they make me happy. I am so happy to see that you have had lots of rain, sadly here in PE we are in a drought so rain is desperately needed.
Have a wonderful afternoon on your drive down that stunning road!

Matt, thank you for the geography lesson about Londolozi. It is interesting to know how and why the animals gravitate to an area.

High trees ad thick, diverse vegetation, leopards, impala, elephants and birds are a perfect scenery enlightened by the lovely flowers. Among birds I particularly like the African green pigeon, really beautiful. The Verreaux Eagle owl is so nice! All leopards are superb, the Ximungwe young male is special, handsome and still express the innocent young look.

Matt, what a great story and explanation of all The activity that revolves around the Maxabene

listening to the sound track of the birds, I closed my eyes and I was there smelling the earth and vegetation. What a perfect area to start your day. Fab photos too. thanks Matt

It really is a great spot to drive – we spent many game drives there on my last visit. Matt, great pic of the young Ximungwe (now Ntomi) male! Interesting audio file too- love to hear the Woodlands kingfisher.

Thanks for this survey along the Maxabene Matt!!

What extraordinarily beautiful pictures these are! and to be found within one narrow area – Wow!

Thank you for a wonderful story highlighting the Maxabene riverbed. It is great driving through this or the Manyeleti riverbed at the end of the wet season to experience the beautiful trees and their shade as well as the number of birds that serenade you whilst driving along the dry bed. I have fond memories of a brunch in a riverbed that I’ll never forget, although the leopard I was hoping to see emerge from the trees, at a safe distance of course, didn’t materialize. No matter, these riverbeds are very special and not to be missed.

A wonderful area with lots of interesting animals. I like the birdsong. It always reminds me of really being there.

Sounds like it’s not available in winter-correct?

Master Tracker

Great photos. nicely written .

When we were there in 2016, we passed by the Maxabene a few times. They were all amazing! Firstly, we saw a civet crossing the riverbed in plain daylight, which was certainly a first for us. We also saw a spotted eagle owl like here, and the last time we passed we saw a Leopard!

I have many memories of sightings in the Maxabene, especially leopards of old – the Piva male, the Tamboti female, Mashaba – as well as wild dogs and rhinos. It’s always a favorite drive for me!

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