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Flat Rock 3:2 Male

Flat Rock 3:2 Male

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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Virtual Safari: Ultimate Game Drive Highlights #134

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Senior Digital Ranger

That was nerve-wracking. I was so worried for the Tsalala princess. Thank goodness she appears to be a lot fitter than the new Birmingham coalition. I’m not impressed with Nhena at this point. I hoped he would have allowed her to feed. He must surely know she is one of his offspring. Where was the Mhangeni female?

Senior Digital Ranger

I read a post that the Mhangeni female has returned to her pride and so the Tsalala female is once again on her own (sad!). Is this true? I really hope not.

I wonder where the mhangeni lioness is that was hanging out with the Tsalala female?

Great video of the lions. Thanks Sean.

Wowzers! Amazing video so much going on – how lucky to see all of those interactions at one sighting !

I am always amazed at leopards clever moves! While hyenas have to use a brutal force of pure numbers against lions, the Flat Rock male waiting patiently for his chance… I’m glad that the Tsalala female looks so good! Maybe she will have another chance too… is she related in any way to the coalition?

Thanks Sean for this exciting virtual safari today. I’m so impressed by the Birmingham coalition in taking down that Buffalo bull. But perhaps I’m even more more impressed by the boldness of the Tsalala female, risking a possible slap down by the male lions. In my perfect world, I would like to see the Birmingham male mate with Tsalala – that could produce cubs with incredibly strong genes, as they’ve both proven to be fighters and survivors. And then there’s the Flat Rock male, definitely acting as the opportunist during this encounter. While the Big cats are away, the smaller one can sneak in for a snack.

Hi Sean, well that was an excellent video seeing the Birmingham coalition eating that huge buffalo. So glad to see the Tsalala female made her appearance, although she was chased off, still shows she has got lots of guts appearing there by the Birmingham coalition kill. Well the Flat Rock Male got a few mouth fulls while the lions where chasing the Tsalala female. Just goes to show there is never a dull moment the bush.

Love it! Great drama! Can’t wait to hear more about this unfolding!

Absolutely amazing Sean! What a dream it would be to be able to do what you do! I love documenting the stories and lives of these cats! Too bad Panthera doesn’t have a historian part in their Sabi Sands studies haha! In a bit of more serious tone, such fascinating dynamics between the lions and Flat Rock Male! Opportunism at its finest!

Sean, That was insane! Two male lions (looking really good!), a brave lioness, and a confident male leopard, all on the sale kill! Can’t wait to hear the end of the story!!!

Ok. Sean…..this video was stressful to watch……wow! Flat Rock WAAAYYYY too close to lions…..eesh. And Tsalala trying her luck too…..but isn’t Nenha (Birmingham) her likely father?? And Nkuhuma male is looking really wonderful and mature…finally! What a crazy sighting all around!

Senior Digital Ranger

What an AMAZING siting!

Super video, Sean. Wow, the Tsalala Female was brave and the Flatrock was the lucky one that he could sneak in and get a bite or two.
There is obviously always a lot of action with Londolozi‘s big cats.

That was brilliant…literally sitting at my desk at work…not working…watching virutal safaris. Amazing !

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